Portable Oxygen Charger Units


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Key Features

Haskel air-driven gas boosters offer many advantages over electric-driven high-pressure compressors:
• Ability to stall at any predetermined pressure, holding this fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat
• No heat, flame, or risk of spark
• Infinitely variable cycling speed (flow rate)
• No limit or adverse effect to continuous stop/start applications
• Gas booster seals are self-lubricated
• Reliable, easy to maintain
• Compact and robust
• Designed with integral air cooling to immediately reduce heat of compression

Oxygen Gas Boosters Models Available

Haskel gas charging units are a fast, efficient, and economical way to charge or top off gas pressures in devices such as:

• In-Flight Oxygen Gas Systems
• Breathing Apparatus
• Commercial Diving Gas Cylinders
• Military Diving Gas Cylinders

Our portable booster systems are designed to be lightweight and practical, and have clearly labeled controls to ensure simple but safe operation. Careful selection of materials also ensures maximum operator safety.

The units enable optimum use of commercially bottled oxygen gas down to a residual pressure of 7 bar.

Gas charge pressures as high as 200 bar are achieved using stainless steel process equipment. Up to 350 bar can be achieved using Monel and/or bronze process equipment. The units are supplied cleaned for oxygen gas service with protective plugs to prevent dirt ingress when not in use.

Apart from compressed air, no other power supply is required to operate these units, making them suitable for operation in any location.

portable oxygen charging unit

Product Description

Each charging unit includes a waterproof, robust,
injection moulded case mounted with the following
• Haskel air-driven oxygen gas booster, featuring:
• Air inlet to air drive controls
• Air drive filter
• Air drive pressure regulator
• Air pressure gauge
• On/off speed control valve
• Inlet oxygen gas bulkhead with plug to prevent dirt ingress
• Inlet 10 micron gas filter
• Inlet pressure gauge (gas safety pattern)
• Outlet pressure gauge (gas safety pattern)
• Outlet relief valve
• Outlet isolation valve
• Outlet vent valve
• Outlet oxygen gas bulkhead with plug to prevent dirt ingress
• All suitably piped, cleaned, and tested for oxygen gas service