New to the Haskel Team but Well Versed in Haskel Products: Meet Mike Cassie, External Sales Engineer

Mike Cassie

Mike Cassie is one of the newest faces on the Haskel International team, joining the group in April as Scotland External Sales Engineer. In this role, he covers high-pressure business in all of Scotland. Mike is managing both Haskel and BuTech products with a focus on the oil and gas industry. His previous experience with high-pressure and Haskel products in particular makes Mike the ideal team member to help customers get the product best fit for their application needs.

Offering Customers an Engineering Advantage

Mike has actually been working with Haskel’s product lines for over a decade. After working in retail sales management for several years, his career changed directions and led him to the offshore oil market. This experience is where he was first introduced to the Haskel name and product line. Working on the North Sea Platforms, predominately the Brent Field, Mike was a member of an offshore coil tubing crew where he frequently used Haskel’s liquid and gas pumps.

Though he transitioned away from offshore work, Mike stayed in the oil and gas industry. He began working for a global energy services company who provided clients with equipment and systems for various oil and gas applications. The product lines the company supported was Haskel's liquid pumps and gas boosters. Mike worked his way up through the company, beginning on tools, learning the instrumentation and calibration side of the business up to senior level. He then learned the pumps and flushing where he was responsible for the calibration and instrumentation division. During the three years he worked on tools, Haskel products became second nature to Mike and he expanded on that initial experience he had with the product line from his offshore work.

As he moved into the sales division of the company, he brought his firsthand product knowledge with him. Having actually worked on the equipment he was selling, Mike was able to offer insights that frequently helped customers solve challenges by incorporating Haskel gas boosters and high-pressures pumps into their application. Because he could speak directly to the quality of the equipment, Mike even found himself hiring out fleets of Haskel pumps and gas boosters for large scale projects.

A Brand with a Reputation

Mike’s experience with Haskel products made the decision to join the Haskel team an easy one, stating he has always known Haskel as the "Rolls Royce of the market because of their reliability and performance." This wealth of knowledge with the brand and our product line gives Mike an advantage in supporting customers' high-pressure needs. His hands-on experience allows him not only to suggest solutions but to troubleshoot as well. "I know the products well and can speak to reliability and actual use," says Mike.

Previously just thinking of the brand as a gas boosters and pumps company, Mike is enjoying exploring the diversity of industries Haskel serves and finds the aerospace and hydrogen customers particularly interesting. He is excited to be part of a leading company in the market and is proud to join a team that looks out for and take care of its customers.

In addition to taking care of customers, Mike spends his time away from work enjoying time with his large and growing family. Parents to six children and grandparents to one currently with two to follow in November (both his twin girls Samantha and Shannon are expecting!), Mike and his wife Mary have made family their number one priority.

Haskel is excited to have such a knowledgeable and involved professional join the team. If you need high-pressure expertise in Aberdeen, Mike Cassie is the go-to guy.


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