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Haskel Hydrogen Systems partners with NanoSUN to refuel hydrogen-electric aircraft trials under HyFlyer II

Haskel Hydrogen Systems Group, an Ingersoll Rand business, has been chosen by NanoSUN to supply a packaged hydrogen compression system for EMEC Hydrogen’s refuelling system supporting the aircraft trials as part of UK Research and Innovation’s HyFlyer II project.

In September 2020, the HyFlyer I project demonstrated the world’s first flight of a hydrogen-electric aircraft at Cranfield. Having been awarded a further £12.3m of funding by the UK government, the HyFlyer II project has now launched with the aim of demonstrating the viability of a larger 19-seat hydrogen-electric aircraft.

EMEC Hydrogen, the company delivering the green hydrogen fuelling systems required to power the aircraft for flight tests, selected NanoSUN to provide the hydrogen refuelling hardware for the project. Haskel will supply a compression system taking low-pressure hydrogen from an electrolysis production system and compressing it to fill NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station. The station will then be driven to the airfield to refuel the aircraft.

Haskel’s system will take hydrogen from a source pressure of around 30 bar and deliver it at up to 500 bar, at a flow rate of approximately 3.5kg an hour. The main compression equipment will be housed in a bespoke Nano enclosure, our small-scale hydrogen refuelling station and will include pneumatic gas compression, an air compressor with dryer and simple push button control.

The pressure and flow will be delivered by four Haskel gas boosters split into two stages. The first stage comprises a pair of ADG-14 boosters, which take the gas from 30 bar to 180 bar. The second stage features a pair of ADG-62 boosters, which increase the gas pressure from 180 bar to 500 bar.

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Commenting on Haskel’s involvement in the project, Nick Power, Hydrogen Business Development Manager – EMEA at Haskel, said: “We are pleased to be supporting the government’s second HyFlyer project, which is a vital stage on the road to making emission-free commercial air travel a reality. Haskel has built its reputation on supporting partners to develop new technologies and applications that address global challenges and this is the latest example of our team utilising their experience and expertise in compression systems.”

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