At the forefront of the aerospace and defense industries

Haskel’s reputation throughout the world as a company whose products are at the forefront of the aerospace and defense industries. In an industry that continuously pushes technology to its absolute limits, Haskel delivers high-pressure gas and liquid transfer and pressurization solutions to aircraft manufacturers and military bases around the world.

applications aerospace

Haskel Applications in Aviation

From commercial aircraft to advanced rockets and spacecraft, Haskel products deliver safe and reliable solutions.

Military and Defense Applications

Haskel wide range of products provide everyday solutions for military and defense applications on land, sea or air.
aircraft ground support

Aircraft Ground Support

Aircraft Systems Charging
Tire and Accumulator Charging
Life Support System Replenishment
o2 hand booster 3

O2 Hand Booster

Special Forces Life Support Replenishment
HAHO and HALO cylinder Charging
26968 gas booster

Gas Booster System

Cylinder Charging
Gas Transfer
Missile Testing
cylinder test rig dot

Cylinder Test Rig DOT

Cylinder Certification
portable gas charger

Portable Nitrogen Charging Unit

Hydro Gas Accumulators
Hydro Gas Vehicle and Aircraft Suspension System
Gas Springs
Automotive Air Bag Gas Storage Systems
Helicopter Emergency “Pop Float”
Gas Storage Systems
Aircraft Safety Chute Gas Storage Systems
cylinder filling station

Cylinder Filling Station

Gas Transfer
Mixed Gas Charging
modular component test 2

Modular Component Test Systems

Liquid and Gas Component Testing
flush and test rig

Flush & Test Systems

Critical Component Flush and Test
Pressure Testing
gas booster system

Oxygen Gas Booster System

Gas Boosting
Gas Mixing
Life Support Bottles
Meets MIL SPEC 1330