Helium Compressors from Haskel

At Haskel, we design our products with the highest quality to achieve top longevity and easy maintenance. Haskel Helium gas compressors and packaged systems are designed with expertise built upon decades of pioneering industry leading high-pressure gas compression technologies. Our wide breadth of solutions range from pneumatic, hydraulic, or smart servo electric powered gas boosters that set the pace for performance and capabilities of delivering high pressures and high gas flows.

What are the Common Applications of Compressed Helium Gas?

Gas Blanketing

Gas blanketing uses helium gas to protect flammable or explosive materials from the risk of fire or explosion. Helium is an inert gas, meaning it does not react with other elements. This makes it a safe choice for this application.

In gas blanketing, a layer of helium gas is used to cover the surface of the material, preventing oxygen or other reactive gases from reaching it and reducing the risk of ignition. This involves using helium to create a protective layer over a product or process to prevent oxidation, contamination, or other types of deterioration.

Gas blanketing using helium is often used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. For example, in the food industry, helium can be used to blanket food products to prevent spoilage and extend their shelf life.

Gas Scavenging

Gas scavenging is used to flush out unwanted gases, such as air or other gases, from a container, system or process. Scavenging is often used in laboratories or industrial settings where the presence of certain gases can cause problems or contamination.

By using helium gas to scavenge out the unwanted gases, the container or system can be kept in a safe and controlled environment. This can be done by introducing helium gas into the system and then venting it out along with the unwanted gases, effectively "scavenging" them out of the system. In industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, this is often used to maintain a high level of purity in the manufacturing environment.

Gas Transfer

High-pressure gas transfer with helium gas involves using helium to transfer gases from one location to another. This can be done using specialized equipment such as specially designed gas compressors and gas storage tanks. High-pressure gas transfer is often used in industries such as aerospace, where it is important to transfer gases at high pressure for propulsion purposes. High-pressure gas transfer is also commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industrial applications, as well as in research and development.

Gas Pressurization and Filling

This common application uses high-pressure helium gas to pressurize a container or system. The process requires specialized equipment such as boosters or compressors and regulators to maintain a gas tight atmosphere.

Gas pressurization and filling is often used in industries such as oil and gas, where it is important to maintain air pressure in a system or container to ensure proper function. It is also used in the manufacturing of gas cylinders, where helium is used to pressure test them.

Cooling Applications

Helium at high pressure is used in cooling applications because it has a very low boiling point and high thermal conductivity. This makes it an ideal material for transferring heat away from high performance systems. In missile cooling, helium is used to cool the engines and other heat generating components. This allows the missile to operate at high temperatures and pressures without overheating.

Similarly, in the Hadron Collider, helium is used to cool the superconducting magnets. These are responsible for accelerating the particles to near the speed of light. High pressure helium is circulated through the magnets, absorbing the heat generated by high energy particles. This keeps the magnets at their optimal operating temperature. This keeps the magnets at their optimal operating temperature. Overall, the use of helium at high pressure in cooling applications is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and performance of these high-tech systems.

Helium Gas Compressor Systems from Haskel

Our Helium Gas Compressor Systems are purpose built around Haskel air-driven gas compressors, which stand out with their patented seal systems, allowing for an extended working life. Haskel gas compressors are designed to be cost effective and capable of transferring and pressurizing a wide variety of gases, including helium.

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