Rebuilding the High-Pressure Network in an Important Region: How a New Approach Encouraged Exponential Growth and Improved Customer Service

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In just eight months, Haskel has taken their high-pressure equipment presence in Australia and New Zealand from dull to dominating. Customers in this region struggled with differing sales and service experiences in recent years. Haskel Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand, Paul Peverley, was tasked with reshaping the brand's presence in this region with a new approach.

Haskel customers should expect expert guidance on high-pressure product selection, a clear buying process, quick response, and accountability. With recent changes, we are delivering on the promise of quality, not just in product reliability, but in customer support – and customers are recognizing the dramatic change, with a 150% increase in sales so far this year.

Channel partners are a critical part of our local customer support, and Haskel recognized this change with our recent announcement of the Product Champion Award for the top channel partner.

We caught up with Paul Peverley and the award winner, Abhi Trivedi of HP Plus, to learn more about the recent changes and what's next for Haskel in Australia and New Zealand.

What was the first action you took in cleaning up Haskel's customer experience in these regions?

Paul – Establishing our designated channel partners was critical. Identifying channel partners and developing clearly defined territories helped clear the confusion with numerous companies claiming they were distributors without any credibility.

In reestablishing our brand in the region, I brought a new structure to the distributor model. We chose six companies to be our channel partners, giving them the title Master Distributor. Each company was given a high standard of accountability to uphold for the brand.

Master Distributors are extensively trained to build their product knowledge, and recommend right-fit solutions for our customers. Their values and commitment to customer service align with Haske'sl.

These changes have helped to build a cohesive customer sales and support system. The goal was to empower them and encourage collaboration.

What were the keys to making this new sales model successful?

Paul – Specific milestones were developed to guide the reorganization and restructure of Haskel's presence in the region, including:

  • Developing clearly defined territories
  • Implementing the Three T's – Teamwork, Transparency, and Trust
  • Reinforcing process-driven and target-driven growth
  • Identifying product champions
  • Establishing accountability
  • Introducing cadence
  • Making smart investments in people, markets and campaigns

After these key steps by Haskel leadership, I developed criteria for each Master Distributor channel partner to meet:

  • Product and industry knowledge expertise
  • Well-defined vision and strategy
  • Serves customers with empathy and enthusiasm
  • Strives to be the "go-to-guy" for brand expertise
  • Dedicated brand focus daily
  • Motivated to drive brand sales and recognition within the region
  • Well-defined campaigns and marketing
  • Accountability and measurability (cadence plan)

How did you determine your decision for the Product Champion Award?

Paul – Every one of the channel partners did an exceptional job of meeting what they were tasked with when they were selected as Master Distributors. They all really embraced the Three T's: trust, transparency, and teamwork. They eliminated overlap in the customers’ buying process and shared application knowledge. They were all an integral part to the success we've seen.

When it came time to make a decision, it was clear that HP Plus was fully supporting the process we had put in place. Abhi Trivedi followed the steps of the new structure to a T. The success HP Plus has seen by following this process is incredible. Since the beginning of the year, Abhi has grown the business to over $600K (USD) and still has a significant pipeline for the remainder of the year and into 2019.

HP Plus has become the fifth best distributor within Asia and ranks 20th globally with our new drive and focus.

Abhi, were you excited to be named the Product Champion Award recipient?

It's a great a feeling to be recognized, but it's not just me. My name is on the plaque, but it is truly a team effort. We have technicians who are handling the maintenance support and other team members who are working with customers to support their product needs. Everyone contributes. This success has come as a combined effort from all.

How did you effectively achieve the success and growth you've seen so far this year?

It's no secret that it’s due to the restructuring that has occurred and the cadence program that Paul introduced. By grouping all of the distributors on one platform and increasing transparency, it ensures that everyone is on the same page with a focused approach to customer service. Daily, 85-90% of our time is focused on Haskel products. At HP Plus, we were keen to apply this new approach because we recognized the value of being a Haskel distributor, especially when serving oil and gas markets.

What benefits made partnering with Haskel appealing to your company?

The products and services Haskel offers are directly in line with our philosophy and our customers’ needs in the hydrogen gas market.

Haskel is world-renowned in the high-pressure equipment industry. The brand is synonymous with the product. Most gas boosters are just referred to as "Haskels." As a distributor, the strength of the brand helps give us a lot of credibility. We don’t have to sell customers on the brand because it's already substantial in the marketplace. There is competition, as there is in any business, but the Haskel name drives sales.

As Haskel is part of the Accudyne family of brands, we can offer customers a full suite of solutions. If their needs don't match a solution provided by Haskel, we have the flexibility to pull from other brands like BuTech or PPI in order to best serve the customer. This has been really well received. It proves we're really listening to customers and understanding what they need.

In your opinion, why has this new process in the Australian market worked so well?

Abhi – A sense of security has been created for the Master Distributors because we're all working together toward a common goal rather than against each other. Customers have also regained a sense of confidence with the restructuring and they know they have reliable distributors to turn to for high-pressure applications.

The implementation of this process has helped streamline the promotion of the brand and has restored Haskel's presence in the region. The support we have received as distributors since Paul has started managing the region has gone to the next level. We're excited to continue to build the Haskel brand and our uncompromising level of 

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What's next for this region?

Paul – Now that we have the process implemented and we have re-established accountability, we will be adding more brands to the mix. In just eight months we were able to transform the customer experience in this region and double Haskel sales. We're able to support the distributors with the high pressure solutions they need, which in turn drives this exciting growth.

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