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Haskel Set to Launch Hydrogen Test Center to Continue Advancements in High-Pressure Solutions

On June 6, 2018, Haskel will be opening its Hydrogen Test Center in Sunderland, UK as part of its continued initiative to advance hydrogen compression technologies. The test center will be just the second place in Europe capable of testing with hydrogen and the only facility in the country to also be manufacturing hydrogen compression and flow technologies.

The launch of the facility is a large element of Haskel's plans to make great strides in hydrogen. Already known as a reliable manufacturer of high-pressure solutions, Haskel is using their reputation for quality to build their name in the growing hydrogen market as well. With innovation set as the company's main focus for 2018, Haskel has already made several investments in various other projects to establish leadership in hydrogen.

The opening of the Hydrogen Test Center will be Haskel's biggest impact on the hydrogen market to date. The company's other activities, which include participation in Europe's H2Ref project and the formation of their Global Hydrogen Systems Group have brought several benefits to customers and the hydrogen market as a whole, but Haskel's leadership team is excited to get the test center operations underway.

"When we decided to make a big push into the hydrogen markets, our approach was based on the theme Now is the Time, meaning now is when we have to take the opportunity to make our mark. The Hydrogen Test Center is a big part of that theme," said Haskel Global Managing Director Stephen Learney. "We're innovating, but also staying focused on our principles of quality and reliability. There is no longevity without quality," says Mr. Learney.

Supported by the expertise of the new Global Hydrogen Systems Group, the Hydrogen Test Center has the capability to test single hydrogen-related components through to entire refueling stations in either of its dedicated test bays. The test center also addresses the importance of testing in high-pressure hydrogen equipment and can safely operate at pressures in excess of 1000 bars.

The highly anticipated opening of Haskel's Hydrogen Test Center will take place in early June and will feature several guest speakers, including:

  • Councilor Harry Trueman, Deputy Leader, Sunderland City Council
  • Lawrence Davies, CEO, Automotive Investment Organisation
  • David Coppock, Regional Director for the NE, Dept for International Trade
  • Paul Butler, North East Automotive Alliance
  • Jonathan Walker, North East England Chamber of Commerce

Guests are welcome to attend the opening ceremony for the Hydrogen Test Center to hear from these speakers and others about this exciting venture. We will be sharing more about the facility to keep customers informed. Visit our blog to learn more about the opening of the facility.