Meet the Team: Haskel’s New Hydrogen Systems European Sales Manager, Guy Verkoeyen

Meet the team Guy

With his previous experience in hydrogen and fuel cells product sales, Guy Verkoeyen brings a distinct advantage to the Haskel team. He's joined the company to take on a key role in continuing our growth within the hydrogen market. We sat down with Haskel’s newest employee to discover what is in store for him at Haskel.

Tell us a little about your background. What roles have you held before?

I studied Electrical Engineering, but early in my career I got involved with sales and marketing. After my first sales-support position I moved into marketing as a Market Development manager at a high-tech company. My next job led me to a new company where I transitioned into training for computer to plate systems and software for newspaper printers. Within this business, I then moved to managing the service team and took the role of managing the EQAP team (Engineering Quality Assurance & Application). Through my years at the newspaper business I ended up managing sales teams all over the world.

What’s your previous experience in the high-pressure market?

In 2012 I started working for Hydrogenics, a company producing fuel cells and electrolyzers. I was responsible for sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for the electrolyzer business. This experience positions me to excel at Haskel, where I’ll be applying my knowledge on pressurized Hydrogen to fueling station integration. I’m excited to use my background in the market in this role, focusing on hydrogen fueling stations for the European market.

What interests you in being part of the Haskel team?

Within the Hydrogen market, Haskel is a very well-known name, especially in the gas booster space. They’re building a dedicated team to serve the hydrogen market and I’m excited to be a part of the growth. The team is built around diverse backgrounds and the advancements they have made so far make for a promising outlook. The space is very niche-oriented but the structure and expertise of Haskel supports the moves the team is making.

Can you share more about the role you are taking on with Haskel?

My role is managing the hydrogen sales for Europe, which entails finding opportunities, expanding projects, supporting existing organizations with new inquiries, and making connections between the right people and organizations. In addition to sales, a big part of the job will be business and market development. The goal is of course to increase the sales, but also continue building the Haskel reputation in the market and make our organization synonymous with fueling stations.

What are some of the most interesting projects you’ve previously worked on?

There were several industrial projects I worked on that didn’t get a lot of publicity but were exciting to be a part of. Having worked with other big players in the Hydrogen Fueling business, I got involved in fueling stations built by other integrators all over Europe – Germany, Sweden, Italy etc. Some of these projects included:

  • Aberdeen in the ACHES project (350/700bar fueling station from Aberdeen City Council)
  • The installation at the new Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Center
  • The electrolyzers for the new fueling station in Wüppertal
  • A fueling station installation in Amsterdam with a leading company in the market

What are the next big trends in the hydrogen market? Where are applications headed?

Global warming is a concern, everyone is focused on the reduction of Greenhouse Gases and the solutions that best do that. There are four major energy pillars: electricity, industry, heating & transport. In all these sectors we will have to strive to reduce the GHG emissions. In transport, electrical vehicles that replace the fossil fuel consuming ones are the future. Consumers are starting to understand that fuel cell electrical vehicles are way more interesting than battery electrical vehicles. I look forward to working alongside the Haskel team to tackle key issues in the hydrogen fuel cell and gas booster space.

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