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Nano and Nano Pro - Small scale hydrogen fuel stations

Complete plug and play stations offering simple, flexible and cost effective refuelling

Pneumatic operated hydrogen fuel stations, featuring Haskel’s proven gas booster technology, are designed for small fleet operators or demonstration / development projects.

The Nano and Nano Pro offer standardized, cost effective and flexible solutions for refuelling a range of hydrogen powered vehicles. This includes material handling equipment, light duty vehicles such as cars and vans and small-scale demonstration projects for heavy duty vehicles, buses or trucks as well as other mobility applications.

  • Compression capability up to 80kgs per day
  • 350bar, 700bar or dual pressure dispensing
  • ‘Plug and Play’ installation and integration
  • Small footprint
  • Self contained portable unit for ease of transportation
  • Flexible configuration to specific vehicle application
  • Can be modified to refuel more vehicles with additional external storage
  • Installation, maintenance and service support packages
  • Gas inlet via on site storage, electrolysis or tube trailer system

The Nano range of hydrogen fuel stations offer a total system package including air supply, mass flow metering, PLC control and system monitoring features.

Nano hydrogen stations are easy to use and operate, with the flexibility to add on external storage to enable efficient and back to back fill of vehicles.


Nano Pro


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