Pressure Testing Safety: Haskel's Focus on Employee Health Means Better Data for Customers

Content based on an interview with Graham Fox, Haskel Operations Manager - Sunderland, UK Testing Facility

Last month, Haskel, a company with 70 years of experience in expertise in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology, completed construction of a dedicated testing facility at their Sunderland, UK location. This facility will be used to test and inspect 100% of their pressurization systems.

The primary intent of designing this facility, which will test and inspect 100% of the systems being shipped to customers, was to reduce risk to employees testing products. This designated test area utilizes lexan polycarbonate not only to protect those conducting the tests but also so that customers can view the tests at the Sunderland facility.

The tests conducted in the facility are checking for gas or liquid leakage as well as measuring system performance. When it comes to leakage tests, Haskel testing has one and a half times the intended working pressure of the system. Performance testing is done to ensure there are not flaws through the rest of the system and that the system can withstand certain pressures.

Conducting testing in a single location has the added benefit of allowing Haskel to collect additional data and recording testing parameters that can be given to customers in graphical format.

Providing greater data to customers through this data acquisition process is one more way that Haskel demonstrates to customers in the oil and gas, automotive and aerospace sectors that it is still at the forefront of product testing and pushing the boundaries of safety and reliability. 


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