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BuTech Hydrogen Valves, Fittings and Tubing

Ensuring Safety, Quality, and Reliability in Hydrogen Applications

BuTech stands at the forefront of high-pressure industrial gas and liquid handling equipment, with a legacy spanning 75 years. In the realm of hydrogen technology, BuTech is synonymous with safety, reliability, and innovation. Our comprehensive range of hydrogen valves and hydrogen fittings are engineered to meet the stringent demands of high-pressure applications, providing the utmost assurance in critical operations.

Range of Hydrogen Valves and Components

Needle Valves: BuTech's Needle Valves are indispensable in scenarios where precision control is paramount. Available in various body styles designed for operation in temperatures ranging from -58°F to +392°F (-50°C to +200°C), these valves boast an extended stuffing box allowing operation down to -423°F (-253°C). Our Needle Valves are crafted with a focus on providing reliable and leak-free performance to meet the demands of high-pressure hydrogen environments.

Check Valves: Our Soft Seat Check Valves are ruggedly constructed to ensure fail-safe operation at pressures up to 20,000 PSI (1378 BAR). Designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -320°F to 500°F (-195°C to 260°C), these valves play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of gas distribution & compression systems in hydrogen applications.

Air Actuators: BuTech Air Actuators are designed for remote control, making them virtually maintenance-free and an ideal choice for service in limited access areas. With a fail-safe feature, the Air-to-Open actuator closes the valve upon loss of operating pressure, while the Air-to-Close actuator opens the valve when operating pressure returns. These safety features are imperative in critical systems, ensuring reliable and repeatability performance.

Sintered Cup Filters: BuTech's Sintered Cup Filters provide maximum filtration surface area for the removal of contaminant particles from gas systems. Available in nominal ratings of 5, 10, 20, 40, and 100 microns, these filters are tailored for systems requiring high flow rates with minimal pressure drop. Their robust construction ensures optimal performance in hydrogen gas applications.

Hand Tools: Our Hand Tools are designed to facilitate on-site end preparation for tubing. The coning tool, utilizing a precision collet, maintains concentricity between the tube and cutter blades. Equipped with an adjustable split die and a precision guide bushing, the threading tool ensures the creation of a perfect thread. These tools embody precision and reliability for efficient tubing preparation.

Power Tools: BuTech's Power Tools are specifically designed for use with a variable-speed power hand drill for fast and efficient machining of multiple tube ends. This unique feature makes them an ideal choice for applications where speed and accuracy are paramount.

Tube Vices: BuTech Tube Vices offer a lightweight and cost-effective solution for securely holding tubing during coning and threading operations. Their design ensures tight control during critical processes, contributing to the overall efficiency of high-pressure hydrogen applications.

Tube Benders: The BuTech Tube Bender is engineered to provide fast, accurate, and reliable bending of heavy-wall tubing with a single setup. This ensures efficient and precise tube bending, crucial for applications where accuracy is non-negotiable.


BuTech's valves, fittings and tubings find application across a spectrum of high-pressure scenarios for hydrogen systems, including:

Hydrogen Storage: Our valves and fittings are designed to ensure the safe and reliable storage of hydrogen, maintaining integrity even under extreme pressures.

Hydrogen Compression and Dispensing: In hydrogen refueling stations and industrial settings, our valves facilitate the controlled and leak-free flow of hydrogen during compression and dispensing processes.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing and Production: BuTech valves play a crucial role in hydrogen fuel systems for both vehicles and infrastructure, particularly the testing and production of hydrogen fuel cells. The valves provide the necessary control and reliability for these intricate processes.

Process Facilities: From aerospace to oil & gas and up-, mid- and downstream services, our valves are integral to various process facilities, ensuring the seamless handling of hydrogen in diverse industrial applications.

Why Choose BuTech

Materials Designed for Hydrogen Use: Recognizing the challenges posed by hydrogen embrittlement, our valves are crafted with specific materials tailored for hydrogen gas service. This meticulous approach ensures the longevity and performance of our products.

Comprehensive Product Range: From Haskel compressors and gas boosters to high-pressure valves and fittings, Haskel-BuTech provides a complete suite of hydrogen handling equipment. Each product is designed with precision to address the unique requirements of various applications.

Proven Expertise: With over two decades of experience in high-pressure hydrogen applications, BuTech has established itself as a trusted industry leader. Our valves have consistently demonstrated their reliability in mission-critical scenarios worldwide.

Tailored Solutions: Haskel-BuTech's commitment to excellence extends to providing customized solutions. We understand that each application is unique, and our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to deliver tailored products that meet their specific requirements.

Global Recognition: BuTech is globally recognized as the leading provider of high-pressure hydrogen solutions. Our valves have been successfully deployed in critical applications worldwide, attesting to their reliability and performance.

Expert Support: Choosing BuTech means gaining access to a team of experts dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that align with their high-pressure hydrogen applications.

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