Distributor Highlight: Airline Hydraulics Turns Engineering Knowledge into Sales Expertise

As a leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas and liquid handling equipment, Haskel is deeply committed to the highest quality in all facets of their business. Haskel's rich network of distributors is key to upholding these standards in various industries across the world. Haskel recognizes the hard work their distributors put in and the important role they play in the company's success. To show their appreciation for these partnerships, Haskel is proud to highlight some of their longtime distributors.

Airline Hydraulics is one of Haskel's most well-known distribution partners, but it's their engineering expertise and advanced hydraulic facility that distinguish them as more than just a distributor. We recently caught up with Kyle Springer, Airline's Haskel and BuTech Systems Product Manager, to learn more about the partnership between the two companies and the benefits it offers customers.

What is your background with the Haskel product line?

When I joined Airline back in 2005 I started in engineering, designing high-pressure systems with Haskel components. At our facilities, Airline designs systems through internal engineering to construct full systems with distributed products. I worked on systems with Haskel components for seven years before making the transition into a sales role where I now sell the systems we develop. 

Why did you decide to transition from engineering design to sales?

Though my current role is primarily sales, I am still actually heavily involved in system design. Combining these roles provides a big advantage when working with a client. Because I have the technical knowledge, I know what questions to ask about their specific equipment needs. This eliminates a lot of the back and forth that usually occurs between sales and engineering.

Having those years in design engineering and product development made the transition into sales easy. The Haskel product line is one I really enjoy. I have been able to grow with the product line and dedicate 100% of my focus to its development, both in sales and engineering.

What is unique about the structure of the Haskel and Airline partnership?

With Airline's range of engineering capabilities and advanced facilities, including our hydraulic power shop, automation shop, and framing shop, we're able to fully support the Haskel product line with minimal assistance. We have honed our engineering skills for Haskel products through troubleshooting and self-teaching primarily, with some assistance from Haskel's engineers.

How does Haskel support Airline when there is a design challenge?

We collaborate closely with Haskel's engineers when we are faced with a product challenge. Airline will pass the design request to the Haskel engineering group to get recommendations. This helps our team get a fresh perspective and it ensures the best solution is developed for the customer.

Our teams work well together; the shared engineering expertise allows for the development of high quality products. Haskel has created a collaborative partnership, but they have also supported Airline's goal of being self-sufficient as an authorized repair facility for Haskel systems and components.

Where do customers see the value of this collaborative partnership?

Airline's in-house engineering and development capabilities, coupled with the quality of Haskel's high-pressure components, allow us to produce value-added systems for customers. Whether it's a standard product or a customized system, the customer is guaranteed to receive a reliable and high quality product.

Both Airline and Haskel focus heavily on the customer experience and ensuring it is the best it can be. For me, the combined roles of design and sales allow me to bring value to the practical application as well as increase customer support.

How has Haskel managed to remain an industry leader for so many years?

Haskel's name is known for reliability. Their ability to provide high quality, durable high-pressure equipment consistently has been a huge part of why customers value their products. The gas booster and pump designs they have developed just work, meeting the most challenging customer requirements without modification or redesign. We've seen Haskel gas boosters run effectively for 10 years or more.

One of the best things about having such an engineering-focused partnership with them is the fact that they continue to be the market leader. Innovation can be tricky, but the new H-Drive is a great example of applying years of experience to a brand new design. Not everyone can achieve the consistent quality Haskel has.


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