High Pressure Valves Fittings and Tubing Installation

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Installation Procedures and Connection Dimensions

Safe, leak-free operation of any high pressure system depends on preparing and installing connections correctly. This page outlines proper instructions for the machining and assembly of BuTech L/P, M/P, and H/P connections. In addition, BuTech offers hand tools and power tools to make the preparation of the tubing easier.

Connection Table

Connection Table with sizes

Assembly Procedure

  1. Cut tubing to desired length and de-burr, allowing extra length for proper engagement. (see chart)
  2. Place gland nut and ferrule on tubing, making sure head of ferrule is toward gland nut. Push tubing into fitting until it bottoms.
  3. Screw gland nut into connection until finger-tight.
  4. Tighten gland nut approximately 1-1/4 turn with an open-end wrench.

Re-Assembly Procedure

  1. Insert tubing with gland nut and ferrule into fitting.
  2. Screw gland nut into connection until finger-tight.
  3. Tighten gland nut approximately 3/8 of a turn with an open-end wrench

High Pressure Connections

High Pressure connection Table 1

High Pressure connection Table 2

High Pressure connection Table 3

Assembly Procedure

  1. Slip gland nut onto tubing or nipple.
  2. Screw collar onto threaded end of tubing or nipple. Allow one or two threads to be exposed on tubing or nipple between collar and coned tubing.
  3. Lubricate male threads of gland nut with a non-hardening lubricant suitable for use on stainless steel. Lubricant chosen should also be compatible with working temperature requirements.
  4. Insert tubing into female connection of valve or fitting. Screw gland into connection until finger-tight.
  5. Tighten gland nut to torque value shown above which corresponds to connection size being assembled