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Modular Component Testing Systems

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Key Features

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Pressure Test Unit

The Haskel Hippo Hose Test Rig is a self-contained air driven test system. Initially designed for testing hydraulic hoses, the rig is ideal for testing a range of components—from pipe assemblies flow meters. Each unit comes complete with air-driven pressure generation, a control circuit, and a robust test chamber with an interlocked test well door.

System Features
• Test pressure range up to 2,000 bar
• Flow-rate up to 5 litres/min
• Test fluids hydraulic oil, inhibited water, or plain tap water; can be catered for special fluids such as Skydrol
• Manifold connections 1/2” BSP female
• Standard dimensions 160 cm x 60 cm x 130 cm high; special sizes on request
• Test well 120 cm x 60 cm x 70 cm high
• Approx. gross weight 200 KGs
• Air drive required 0.75 Nm3/min at 6 bar
• Electrics 240 volts 50 Hz single phase

Other features vary by model. Contact us to talk through your specific needs.

Modular Component Testing system

Product Description

• Fully PLC/ pneumatically controlled pneumatic rig
• Single outlet port
• Fixed and sliding 3 port manifolds
• Various outlet pressure ranges
• Interior light