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Expert solutions engineered to resist hydrogen embrittlement for safe and reliable use

The engineering and design of Hydrogen handling equipment requires specialized knowledge and experience to ensure performance and a safe environment. As the world’s leading provider of high-pressure Hydrogen solutions, Haskel understands how to correlate your specific pressure and flow requirements to the right technology, and implement the necessary configurations in order to meet them. This starts by engineering our solutions with specific materials designed to resist hydrogen embrittlement, ensure long-term leak tight design, and maintain gas purity. From pressure generation to compression to storage to transfer and testing, Haskel has the proven expertise needed for all your Hydrogen application needs.

Safe and reliable ways of handling Hydrogen are key to its adoption and building a strong global hydrogen economy. Haskel’s range of standardized compression and refuelling systems are now speeding up the transition to hydrogen for many industrial processes.


Haskel’s H2 technology is enabling industry to develop the infrastructure required to meet growing demand, and achieve ambitious net zero targets. Our H2 team is collaborating with key partners in the hydrogen space and across the global value chain, addressing requirements as demand for reliable, scalable hydrogen infrastructure increases. 


One of Haskel’s key strategic partners in the APAC region is Hiringa Energy, who continue to drive forward plans to deploy a large-scale hydrogen refuelling network using Haskel’s hydrogen technology. As a pioneer dedicated to the supply of green hydrogen in New Zealand and Australia, Hiringa Energy is leading the way in terms of hydrogen innovation. Learn more about the project below.


Haskel is a proud member of leading industry associations such as the UK Hydrogen Energy Association (UK HEA) and Hydrogen Europe.

UK Hydrogen Energy Association (UK HEA)

Hydrogen Europe


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