Meet Our New Global Hydrogen Systems Group – The Team Dedicated to Hydrogen Innovation

As the hydrogen market continues to grow, Haskel continues to develop technology advancements and further its expertise in hydrogen. The development of the Haskel Global Hydrogen Systems Group is one of the key ways we are ensuring the needs of customers are being met in this evolving market. With this team of experienced professionals dedicated to advancing knowledge and the opening of the new Hydrogen Test Center in Sunderland, Haskel aims to offer customers unparalleled hydrogen expertise.

In the details below, learn more about this team of professionals who are dedicated to advancing the hydrogen market and increasing customer success:

Who makes up the Global Hydrogen Systems Group?

At Haskel's Sunderland facility, where the Hydrogen Systems team is based, we have dedicated employees working in the global hydrogen business. The members of the team are supported by the Haskel infrastructure including external sales teams covering most regions in the world and a R&D team based in Burbank, California. The Hydrogen Systems Group is led by Darran Heath, who is also based out of Sunderland.

What advantages does the formation of this group bring customers?

From a customer perspective, they have access to a dedicated team for the hydrogen product group with resources who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in gas, equipment, and service within the global hydrogen industry and the respective markets. The combined expertise of the Hydrogen Systems Group brings together a number of years spent in the industry globally. All team members are located in the same area to ensure response times linked to high level of customer service can be achieved.

In terms of hydrogen development, what are the main developments the group is focused on?

The Hydrogen Systems team is primarily focused on providing cost effective solutions for customers in order to help them meet their needs of balancing both CAPEX and OPEX requirements. Haskel engineers ensure our customers receive technologically advanced designs and high quality, reliable equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner.

How does this group create an advantage for Haskel in the hydrogen market?

The team has developed and recruited several employees with industrial gas, high-pressure equipment expertise, coupled with global awareness of the hydrogen market. This allows Haskel to share knowledge and best practices in the market all from within one team, creating efficiency and consistency for the end users. The team provides the hydrogen market a high level of confidence and understanding from many years of experience.

What role does the group play in the development of the new hydrogen test center?

The group leads the test center development from design through to commissioning. Both the development of the team and the foundation of the test center are key components to Haskel's focus on hydrogen innovation. The launch of the test center combined with the expertise of the Hydrogen Systems Group offer customers advanced opportunities to ensure success in the high-pressure hydrogen applications.


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