Meet Haskel's Paul Peverley: A Big Move Helps Expand an Existing High-Pressure Market

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Paul Peverley joined Haskel International 16 years ago, and spent his first 15 years at their Sunderland location in the UK. Peverley served as Sales Director for all of Europe from 2008 through 2017. However, in early 2017 Peverley left the UK with his family and headed down under to begin a new adventure.

Identifying the Right Distributors

The Haskel brand is not unknown to Australia and New Zealand. In the late 1990's an office branch and several distributor relationships were established to manage Haskel products in the region. Although the branch was successful, other regions were experiencing major growth and drew focus. Though Haskel hasn't had an active office in the region for about eleven years, leadership recognized that the timing was right for a revamp of the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Peverley's arrival in the region began with the identification of existing Haskel distributors who met his strict requirements, which earned them his label of "Master Distributor." These distributors each have a dedicated Product Champion who knows the ins and outs of every Haskel product. Working in exclusive regions, these industry experts are accountable to Haskel and to the customer as well, bringing value to all parties involved.

The five identified Master Distributors include:

  • Aussie Fluid Power (AFP) – Haskel
  • HP Plus – Haskel
  • Liquipro – Haskel & Butech
  • Spectrum Hydraulics – (Haskel)
  • Prochem - (Butech)

For customers, the identification of these five Haskel Master Distributors has meant greater clarity on true Haskel product expertise, as well as access to product support and product development knowledge that other distributors cannot offer. Peverley ensures that the Master Distributors in Australia and New Zealand are the first to know about Haskel's new solutions to customer challenges. As an innovator in the high-pressure industry, Haskel is constantly developing new products. Clear communication with these distributors ensures that the voices of customers down under are being heard.

Expertise in Sales Management and High-Pressure Systems

Peverley says that while cultural differences between Europe and Australia may impact the structure of the distributor model, the principles that proved successful in Europe still ring true here. Peverley calls these the "Three T's": Transparency, Trust and Teamwork. Paul's technique has certainly proven successful so far, more than doubling Haskel's Australian and New Zealand sales compared to the first quarter of 2017.

Part of this success has come from paying attention not just to Australia's classic industries of oil and gas and mining but to green technology as well. Australia is committed to green technology and clean energy in a way that much of the world may not realize. And yet, they have found great success already in both solar and wind. Now Haskel's presence in the region brings expertise in hydrogen, particularly the complicated systems required for hydrogen refueling stations.

Peverley's system experience is not just limited to hydrogen but spans the range of Haskel products. With more than 15 years experience working with Haskel customers closely during product development, Peverley has an excellent perspective on solutions that high-pressure systems can offer in oil and gas, aerospace and defense, mining and even in the industrial research and development market.

An Eye on the Future

Paul Peverley predicts continued growth and success in the Australian and New Zealand regions, and not just for Haskel. He sees potential for other Accudyne brands as well, particularly those whose products interface Haskel's, including BuTech high-pressure valves, Williams and PPI products. As the company's presence and investment grows, Peverley looks forward solving high-pressure business challenges across the continent. He is excited to be part of this new Haskel venture and he certainly doesn't mind the beautiful Australian sunshine – his suitcase is about a third of the size of the one he carried for customer visits in Europe. "I didn't know what I was missing," remarked Peverley about the warm climate and relaxed attitudes of his new home. 

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