Aerospace and Defense

At the forefront of the aerospace and defense industries

Haskel’s reputation throughout the world as a company whose products are at the forefront of the aerospace and defense industries. In an industry that continuously pushes technology to its absolute limits, Haskel delivers high-pressure gas and liquid transfer and pressurization solutions to aircraft manufacturers and military bases around the world.

Haskel Applications in Aviation

  • From commercial aircraft to advanced rockets and spacecraft, Haskel products deliver safe and reliable solutions.

Military and Defense Applications

  • Haskel wide range of products provide everyday solutions for military and defense applications on land, sea or air.

Aircraft Ground Support

  • Aircraft Systems Charging
  • Tire and Accumulator Charging
  • Life Support System Replenishment

O2 Hand Booster

  • Special Forces Life Support Replenishment
  • HAHO and HALO cylinder Charging

Gas Booster System

  • Cylinder Charging
  • Gas Transfer
  • Missile Testing

Cylinder Test Rig DOT

  • Cylinder Certification

Portable Nitrogen Charging Unit

  • Hydro Gas Accumulators
  • Hydro Gas Vehicle and Aircraft Suspension System
  • Gas Springs
  • Automotive Air Bag Gas Storage Systems
  • Helicopter Emergency “Pop Float”
  • Gas Storage Systems
  • Aircraft Safety Chute Gas Storage Systems

Cylinder Filling Station

  • Gas Transfer
  • Mixed Gas Charging

Modular Component Test Systems

  • Liquid and Gas Component Testing

Flush & Test Systems

  • Critical Component Flush and Test
  • Pressure Testing

Oxygen Gas Booster System

  • Gas Boosting
  • Gas Mixing
  • Life Support Bottles
  • Rebreathers
  • Meets MIL SPEC 1330
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