Liquid Transfer & Pressurization

High-Pressure Expertise in Liquid Transfer and Pressurization for pressure testing and more.

Haskel has the high-pressure expertise, innovation and diverse technical skills to design fully integrated Liquid Transfer and Pressurization systems for a wide range of complex applications.

Test Packs

  • Pressure Testing
  • Single Wellhead control
  • Chemical Injection
  • Hydraulic Power Unit

Valve Test Benches

  • Relief Valve Setting
  • Valve Testing

Flush and Test Rigs

  • Critical Component Flush and Test
  • Pressure Testing

Cylinder Test Rigs DOT

Modular Component Test Systems

  • Liquid Component Testing


  • Pressure Testing (High Volume)
  • Wellhead Control
  • Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Packs

  • Work Holding
  • Power Pressing
  • Crimping
  • Swaging

HP Oil injection Systems

  • Bearing
  • Coupling
  • Driveshaft Expansion (eg Windmill / Propeller / Train Axel)
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