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Haskel Hydrogen Systems Adds a Toyota Mirai to its Fleet

Haskel Hydrogen Systems Demonstrates the Power of Hydrogen with the Toyota Mirai

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, a company that is helping to build a global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, has added a Toyota Mirai saloon to its fleet, helping to promote the low carbon transport potential of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The car was delivered to Haskel’s Sunderland facility on August 13. Today the company has a fully operational hydrogen refuelling station in the north east of England, the Geno, and welcomes people interested in seeing a showcase of the technology behind hydrogen refuelling and the simplicity of vehicle refuelling. Haskel Hydrogen Systems will soon be launching a more compact, plug-and-play hydrogen refuelling station aimed at small fleet customers, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to driving H2 adoption.

Haskel’s Mirai has been acquired with support from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Low Emission Vehicles

With a range of 300 miles, the Mirai will help Haskel reduce its environmental footprint, while raising the visibility of FCEVs. Darran Heath, Haskel’s Global General Manager, Hydrogen Systems, said: “We’re really excited about having the Mirai on our fleet. We’ll be using the car to support the demonstration and development of our hydrogen refuelling systems, as well as provide emission-free business travel for the company.”

The Toyota Mirai is powered by electricity generated on-board by a fuel cell stack through the process of combining hydrogen with oxygen. It has smooth, near-silent running and produces no emissions other than pure water. Many UK organizations, particularly those with hard to decarbonize and demanding transport requirements, ranging from private hire operators, to museums and universities, police forces, public bodies and private companies, have adopted Mirai and covered millions of miles of emission-free driving.

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