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The pivotal role of aviation infrastructure in achieving jet zero: a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities


Lasers, Armored Vehicles, UAVs, and Clean Energy: What a Year It’s Been


Gas Transfer & Pressurization: Advancing Safety Innovations in the Aerospace Industry


Uk’s Hydrogen Aircraft Dream Gets Ever Closer: Industry Partners Pioneer Critical Hydrogen Infrastructure


Helping Solve Gas Cylinder Testing Challenges Worldwide

Gas cylinders are essential in many places where industrial gases are used, from manufacturing to healthcare.


In Search of Higher-Pressure Laser Gas: Today’s Laser-Cutting Challenge


British hydrogen refuelling technology exported to Australia, providing New South Wales its first commercial station


Why Accumulators Are Vital for Carrier-Based Aircraft


Discover Haskel’s Guide to Making a Simple and Effective Transition from Diesel to Hydrogen

With increasing pressure on governments and businesses from various climate change initiatives to step up efforts in the fight against global warming, hydrogen has been emerging as the key enabler of decarbonization across a number of sectors, including transport, which accounts for 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions.


Helping Fuel Intelligent Energy’s UAV Growth

As transportation and mobility technology evolve, the demand for sustainable and efficient power sources has grown. Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides one of the cleanest methods currently available. Intelligent Energy, based in the United Kingdom, is well known as a leading PEM fuel cell manufacturer and has been for over 30 years.