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Case Study: Selecting an Air-Driven Pump for Water Filter Housings

Case Study Selecting an Air Driven Pump

With nearly 40 years in the precision flow business, Ray Schnell has seen a lot of interesting uses for high-pressure equipment across a variety of industries. A Product Specialist at FLW, Ray spent 20 years with Haskel. In this time, he grew his product expertise exponentially by finding solutions for customer challenges. Below, Ray shares a case where he used his product expertise and troubleshooting experience to implement best-fit solutions for his customers’ unique needs.


The customer manufactured water filters for industrial and residential use.


The customer was experiencing issues with their existing equipment, which created challenges in production. The brand the customer had in place was known to have problems with the air valve circuit, as well as pressure spikes that made pumping inconsistent.

Though the customer was new to Haskel products, they were interested in making the switch because of the wide range of modifications available. In addition to finding a solution to the pressure surges, the customer was hoping to implement pre-filled equipment to reduce the stress put on the high-pressure pump during testing.


I began by asking investigative questions that would help identify key capabilities for the customer’s performance needs. Those questions included:

  • How will you utilize the pump?
  • What is the flow rate required?
  • What medium will you be pumping?
  • Do you have an air compressor or other type of air source?
  • What is the minimum and maximum pressure required?

I also took a field visit to the customer’s facility to make sure the solution was designed with proper infrastructure in mind. The customer had plenty of air pressure and SCFM in the plant to support the type of equipment he was looking for.

After gathering these insights, the FLW team and I came up with a method that would help the customer reach their requirements. Using the Haskel air-driven pump was an obvious choice, but we also suggested modifications to ensure that the equipment fit all of the customer’s requests.

Our design used a low-pressure modification to allow the customer to hit the correct pressure range of 50-700 PSI during operation. This modification allowed the pump to reach a much wider pressure range than what’s available on a standard pump. The modified design addressed the pressure spikes issue with a “CPO” precision regulator, a recycle modification which returns the pump to the top of the cycle stroke, allowing the operator to adjust the precision air regulator by inching it in.


The Haskel pump was a much better fit for this customer’s application. The air-driven pump features a higher quality design than the previous product. The ease of service and maintenance with Haskel products was also a big selling point. Our FLW team can directly service the custom air-driven pump if needed, which improved the customer’s testing methods in the R&D lab as well as their overall process quality.

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