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Geno hydrogen refuelling stations for large fleets

High volume, high duty stations for fast and efficient refuelling up to 2500kg/day

Utilising Haskel’s proven H-Drive hydraulic compressor technology, Geno hydrogen refuelling stations have been designed to service large light duty fleets and heavy duty applications for fast, back to back refuelling.

With a standardized, modular design, Geno can be scaled as needed. The stations can take hydrogen from various sources such as electrolysis, storage or tube trailer, and dispense at 350bar, 700bar. Dual pressure dispensing is also available for a range of vehicles including HGV’s, buses, cars and trains.

  • Compression capability up to 2500kgs per day
  • 350bar, 700bar or dual pressure dispensing
  • Capacity for back to back refuelling
  • Fully J2601 complaint stations
  • Add on systems such as point of sale and fuel management system
  • Containerised solution 20ft or 40ft
  • Supports various gas inlet such as on site storage, electrolysis or tube trailer system
  • Installation, maintenance and service support packages

Geno refuelling stations achieve standard refuelling protocols and are designed to maintain hydrogen gas purity for optimum fuel cell performance and station reliability. Simple to deploy and maintain, Geno offers a fast, efficient and safe filling experience.




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