Hydrogen is recognized by companies and countries around the world as a key zero-emission fuel and is crucial to making the net-zero journey successful. Without specialised infrastructure, this natural gas will not become a viable alternative to traditional fuels. Haskel supports the hydrogen value chain with its GENO Series of hydrogen compression and refuelling solutions.

GENO Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Our GENO hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) offer a reliable, high capacity H2 filling solution. They are suitable for both 350 and 700 bar hydrogen vehicles. Designed for highly demanding refuelling profiles, they deliver a back-to-back filling experience. Haskel’s filling stations can deliver over 3000 kg of hydrogen per day, ensuring unmatched efficiency.

You can easily scale Haskel’s hydrogen refuelling systems to meet your growing refuelling demands thanks to their standardised, modular design. The GENO system range includes hydrogen compression systems, alongside standard storage and dispensing options. Read more about the GENO Compression System range here.

Key features of GENO Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

  • Standard containerised solutions of 20ft or 40ft Hi-Cube
  • Integrated compressed air system for pneumatic valve actuation
  • Compression capability of over 3000kg per day
  • Outlet pressure capability of up to 950 bar
  • Suitable for 350 bar and 700 bar vehicle filling applications
  • Suitable for filling tube trailers or manifolded cylinder packs (MCPs) via direct compression
  • Flexible inlet supply pressure ranging between 20 and 500 bar
  • Capacity for consecutive back-to-back filling
  • Fully compliant with J2601
  • Fast and T40 capable dispensing, dual pressure dispensing capability supports both 350 and 700 bar applications
  • Installation, maintenance and service support packages provide peace of mind across the life of the GENO system.

The Technology at the Heart of Haskel’s Hydrogen Solutions

At the heart of all the GENO systems is Haskel’s market leading, hydraulically operated H-Drive compression technology.

The H-Drive booster can compress hydrogen up to 1050 bar. This makes it the perfect choice for high pressure hydrogen compression and hydrogen storage. The advanced design of the H-Drive booster delivers supreme efficiency and reliability. Our experts made sure that it can operate under a range of challenging conditions.

Haskel H-Drive compressor uses a piston instead of a diaphragm to reduce the volume of hydrogen. This is because diaphragm compressors have complicated start/stop procedures and higher CAPEX requirements. What is more, a diaphragm ruptures or failure may lead to an oil leak.

Aftermarket Packages

Haskel’s comprehensive support and maintenance packages offer peace of mind. You can be confident that your investment in the Haskel hydrogen solutions is well-protected. Haskel optimizes its hydrogen fueling stations to ensure your long-term success in the hydrogen industry.

Speak to the Haskel team for more information at hrs@haskel.com or call +44 (0) 191 549 1212.




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