O2 Repair & Maintenance

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Oxygen Precision Cleaning and Maintenance

safety is critical. The importance of oxygen cleaning, maintenance, and repair cannot be emphasized enough. For starters, you should know it is critical for Gas Boosters used with high-purity Oxygen, that for every 20,000 cycles, or 3-6 months, your gas booster should be inspected and re-lubricated by a certified facility. For every 500-1,000 hours of continuous use, or every 18 months, your gas booster should be resealed.

As a long-standing provider and industry authority in oxygen cleaning equipment for applications requiring compressed oxygen at high-pressure, Haskel is always here to help you avoid oxygen fires. When performing any work on an oxygen gas booster or system, Haskel cleans parts to meet MIL STD 1330 D in state-of-the-art oxygen cleaning facilities.

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