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Haskel supports industry collaboration documentary highlighting the benefits of hydrogen

April sees the release of a special documentary, that brings together a range of voices from within the hydrogen sector to create a short film illustratrating current deployments of hydrogen and fuel cells both across the UK in a range of stationary and mobility applications.

Hydrogen, the fuel of the future – today, provides a new and unseen window into the use of hydrogen technology in the UK, promoting the huge benefits that hydrogen technology brings and clearly demonstrates that hydrogen is not the fuel of the future, but the fuel of today.

The film explores how much energy is being produced and provided in the UK today, the infrastructure that already exists, along with comment from the people driving this industry forward. The core element of the film is to promote the normalisation of hydrogen, show the implementation of hydrogen and address current safety concerns.

This new film by Ben Burman (film and documentary maker) has been co-ordinated by TCP ECO and includes contributions from:

- Councillor Jenny Laing, Leader of Aberdeen City Council

- David Yorke, Ballard Power Systems Europe

- Geraint Bruton, BOC UK & Ireland

- Karen Ritchie, Bright Green Hydrogen

- Richard Stockwell, Fuel Cell Systems

- Stephen Learney, Haskel

- Andrew Barker, TCP ECO

- Jon Hunt, Toyota UK

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