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Providing proven reliable high-pressure technology for the Automotive industry’s most demanding applications around the world.

Haskel’s high-pressure expertise plays a key role the automotive industry, from manufacturing to assembly plants to powering vehicles with alternative fuels. Our solutions range from generating pressure or power needed for applications such as component testing, clamping, or work holding, to gas transfer for charging of suspension systems or die cushion cylinders, and filling of air bags.

Haskel also provides solutions for:

Air Amplifiers

Automotive manufacturing body and assembly plants use Air Amplifiers to improve productivity of welding robots, to help rivet or punch auto trim or in systems for air brake pressure testing, radiator pressure testing, or assembly of brake pads. In engine plants Air Amplifiers can improve the ability to test transmission valves. If the shop air supply pressure is insufficient to support all activities air amplifiers can increase their power and speed.


Liquid Pumps can facilitate press overload and bolster plate clamping; help operate engine block tie down cylinders. Pumps are also used in central lubrication systems to lubricate equipment parts. Pumps are widely used for various types of testing applications, reliably enabling pressure testing of components ranging from steering hose pressure and fuel injectors to air conditioning condensers and brake calipers.

Gas Boosters

Gas boosters are used for nitrogen charging of suspension systems or die cushion cylinders, and they are used to fill air bags.Fueling stations for Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles use Haskel gas boosters and for safe and reliable performance across the life of the station. Haskel components have been used in over 200 hydrogen refuelling projects around the world, fuelling a range of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), including cars, trucks, buses and trains globally.