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Haskel designs and manufactures gas boosters that are the industry benchmark for durability, safety, and reliability. Noted for their cleanliness, they can handle pure gases such as oxygen without risk of any contamination. They are intrinsically safe and are simple to install, making them ideal oxygen compressors for oxygen handling or high purity environments.

Special oxygen cleaned oxygen compressors and systems for use with oxygen or other high purity gases are cleaned to MIL STD 1330 D and assembled in a strictly controlled clean room environment. Haskel also offers oxygen cleaning as an aftermarket service for users of oxygen cleaned equipment.

The Importance of Oxygen Cleaning

Oxygen is one of the most widely used gases in a variety of industrial applications and environments. Because oxygen is a highly reactive gas, proper cleaning and cleanliness control are crucial to safe handling. Reducing risk of combustion and ignition standards is vital to operating high-pressure oxygen equipment, such as Haskel’s oxygen gas boosters and systems that boost oxygen.

High-purity gases can pick up contaminants that negatively affect their performance, and in the case of a reactive gas like oxygen, pose higher risks. As such, Haskel has developed stringent guidelines for oxygen cleaning best practices utilized in the design and manufacture of every Haskel oxygen booster, system, or oxygen cleaned product. These guidelines meet US MIL-STD-1330D, UK DEF STAN 68-278, and QAD-154 standards.

Ultra-high purity specialty gases such as oxygen are used in a wide range of applications and industries, so the delivery system of such gases must not compromise its purity. When following best practices and maintaining proper oxygen cleanliness, organizations can reduce risk and ensure safer procedures in the usage of their Haskel oxygen boosters or oxygen-cleaned products.

While usage of high-pressure oxygen systems can be dangerous and poses unique risks, regularly following best practices for maintenance and cleaning can greatly reduce those risks. Proper guidance on handling oxygen service products is key to avoiding accidents and ensuring personnel and equipment safety. Haskel’s high-purity gas cleaning process has been successfully implemented in a variety of service scenarios, both military and commercial.

There is extra cost associated with thoroughly dismantling, cleaning and reassembling an oxygen booster or other piece of high-purity gas handling equipment in a clean room. But the cost of not following such a process, and the resulting risk that a contaminated gas stream has on the particular application or on the health and safety of plant personnel, far exceed the expense of keeping high-purity gas equipment properly cleaned and maintained.

For additional information, download a copy of Haskel's Oxygen Cleaning Best Practices eBook or contact your local distributor today.