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Delivering on a Promise of Innovation at the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Haskel started its year with a global message the “Time Is Now ” and this month that message was carried to the market in response to legislators calling for infrastructure providers to step up and offer cost-effective fueling solutions that meet growing needs in hydrogen, in particular mass transit and heavy duty vehicles.

At the 2018 Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association summit (SHFCA) held in Dundee, Bob Kelly, Haskel’s Global Business Development Manager delivered a presentation outlining the strategy in the deployment of HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Stations) based on being agnostic to the supply of hydrogen molecules.

“Until now, fueling stations have been enablers for hydrogen suppliers as opposed to being a discrete product line,” said Kelly referring to industry norms in which HRS’ are typically supplied as an add-on to generators and gas supply. “HRS have typically been cost centers for molecule providers versus a standalone business offering” he added.

Kelly concluded the presentation at SHFCA with an explanation of Haskel’s One World One Company Program, which offers cost-effective fueling solutions that provide value to both internal and external supply stakeholders.

“Haskel’s in-house hydrogen test center, a first-of-its-kind facility opened earlier this, is a testament to our commitment to the hydrogen market. It allows, for the first time, full testing of systems with hydrogen at operating pressures.”

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