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Haskel Joins Hydrogen Mobility Australia to Continue Advancements in Hydrogen Technology

Continuing to pursue advancements in hydrogen technology, Haskel proudly announces the acceptance of its application to the Hydrogen Mobility Australia. By joining a diverse set of organizations, Haskel will contribute to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure.

Haskel International, a high-pressure solutions manufacturer, has been named one of the newest members of Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA). Recognized globally for their significant role in sustainable energy, HMA is Australia’s premier industry body committed to the development of a zero-emission hydrogen economy. Haskel will play an active role in this advancement of clean energy, adding value from its 70 years of delivering high-pressure solutions.

HMA, a non-profit founded in 2017, brings a variety of organizations together in order to achieve their vision. Members of Hydrogen Mobility Australia include vehicle manufacturers, energy companies, infrastructure providers, research organizations and governments. To achieve their vision, HMA is dedicated to:

  • Expediting the commercialization of new hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for transportation, export, storage and stationary applications in Australia
  • Providing a forum for effective communication and collaboration within the hydrogen and energy communities
  • Progressing Australia’s shift toward a hydrogen society built upon clean and renewable energy technologies

Haskel’s strong presence in the hydrogen sector aligns them with HMA’s objectives. Hydrogen innovation has been one of Haskel’s top commitments for 2018, establishing leadership in the market through various investments which include the launch of a Hydrogen Test Center, participation in Europe’s H2Ref project, and the formation of its Global Hydrogen Systems Group. The company has also grown its network of channel partners in order to increase availability and maintenance of fuel cell infrastructure, in Australia and internationally.

“Becoming a member of Hydrogen Mobility Australia is another key step for Haskel in developing meaningful partnerships within the market and reinforcing our global commitment to support a cleaner, more sustainable economy, particularly in Australia,” said Darran Heath, General Manager, Haskel Hydrogen Systems.

Participation in HMA also opens opportunities for Haskel to collaborate with other members of the initiative, positioning the company to meet the specific needs of automotive OEM’s and local authorities in developing a greener transport infrastructure.

Haskel is proud to add this opportunity with HMA to its global strategy of leadership in the hydrogen industry, providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective refueling infrastructure.

About Haskel

With over 70 years of unrivaled expertise in high-pressure liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology, Haskel is the solution provider for applications in aviation, defense and aerospace, oil and gas, and other critical industries. Haskel meets complex and critical challenges with innovative solutions that ensure safety, reliability and the highest quality. As the clear market leader in high-pressure pumps, Haskel products are made to fit customer needs and market demands. Whether working in oil and gas, automotive and defense or the emerging hydrogen market, every Haskel product provides the performance that is expected from a global leader.

Haskel Hydrogen Systems provides Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS) around the world. Founded in the same reputation of excellence in safety, quality and project execution, Haskel’s expansion of its hydrogen product offerings reinforces the company’s dedication to fuel cell infrastructure. Its program of continued innovation and product development sets Haskel apart from other HRS providers. The introduction of H-drive, the most advanced compression technology designed specifically for the hydrogen market, is evidence of Haskel’s leadership in high-pressure solutions.

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