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Subsea valves can be manufactured to meet the requirements of NACE MR0175, API Spec 6A & 17D, ASME, and various others. BuTech subsea valves are externally sealed for depths to 14,000 feet (4200 meters). API 6A, PR2, Annex F/PSL3G and 17D qualified valves are available.

BuTech subsea valves are internally pressure tested to at least 50% over rated pressure and externally tested to 14,000’ (4200 Meters) depth, having a typical service life guarantee of 25 years and offer the highest quality and most reliable performance for pressure control systems, throughout the entire life of the subsea structure. They ensure trouble-free operation with hydrogen sulfides, corrosion inhibitors, paraffin thinners, hydraulic fluids and other harsh chemicals.

BuTech subsea valves are manufactured from a variety of stainless steel materials, most common are 316 and Super Duplex. However, Butech valves and fittings can be manufactured from other corrosion resistant alloys.

BuTech subsea valves meet performance, safety and reliability expectations in the deepest water and some of the harshest environments in the offshore oil and gas industry. As wells have become deeper BuTech has been a leader at developing new and innovative ways to control the increasing temperature and pressure requirements at these greater depths.