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Haskel develops test cell room with global potential


A North East manufacturer has invested £100,000 in developing a new high pressure test facility.

Haskel, based in Wearside, has engineered and built a state-of-the-art high pressure test facility that they believe will further improve safety and deliver productivity.

Built with clear Lexan polycarbonate, the room is equipped with an external control console enabling an extensive range of proof and performance high-pressure tests, up to 60,000 PSI, to be carried out and recorded safely and efficiently.

It eradicates hazards such as chemical injection type injuries or lacerations from loose hoses; and is backed up by an intelligent control system which can identify leaks and other dangers.


Dave Angus, Haskel’s quality, health, safety and environmental manager, said: “We already have an excellent health and safety record, and this system further mitigates against any of the risks that come with testing from behind a screen or hood rather than in an enclosure.

“There are many companies around the world that would benefit from this type of chamber, and we would be happy to share our experiences and expertise. It can be built to accommodate testing on a large scale for any piece of engineering that involves pressurised valves or pipelines, such as a car or aerospace equipment.

“The system can be replicated on any scale, prompting interest from a number of major manufacturers in Haskel’s customer base.”

It is now over fourteen years since Haskel last had an onsite, lost-time accident – a feat which reflects the company’s continual investment in health and safety and its determination not to become complacent.

International oil and gas firm FMC recently gave Haskel a global compliance award after an environmental health and safety audit. The award confirms Haskel’s status as a chosen supplier to FMC for the next five years.

The group also recently won the top gold standard in the Better Health at Work Awards in recognition of its commitment to the wellbeing of its staff.

Haskel products made in Sunderland are sold into several European export markets, including France, Spain, Norway and Denmark.

The company, which makes pneumatic-driven pumps, gas boosters and air-pressure amplifiers, lists industrial multinationals BAE Systems and Eaton among its customers.