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Proven reliability for high-pressure defense applications on land, sea, or air

For the Defense industry, every need is mission critical. But this is especially true for high-pressure gas and liquid handling applications. For 75 years and counting, Haskel has been providing the safe and trusted solutions that armed services know they can count on. And continue to count on.

From charging nitrogen hydro-gas tank suspension struts or gun recoil suspension systems and oxygen breathing systems, Haskel provides the innovative solutions you need to help make the world a better, safer place. This includes:

  • High-pressure fluid power solutions for military tactical support equipment and critical military applications
  • Proven reliable high-pressure fluid power solutions for military tactical support equipment that meet the challenge of military and defense applications where safety, security, and survivability count
  • High-pressure equipment for land, sea, or air that provides versatile, agile, and durable solutions to help ensure the safety of personnel and their ability to acquire, engage, and evade targets in any environment

Military Technology Applications


Land Defense Technology

Haskel gas boosters are ideal for a variety of land based applications. Armored and heavy vehicles rely on Haskel gas boosters to facilitate hydraulic accumulator charging of suspension struts and of gun recoil systems. Haskel gas boosters provide the portability and compactness important in remote or battlefield situations where military personnel need compressed gas at high pressures for fast fills.

Gas boosters facilitate high-pressure missile testing and pressure testing of components, and researchers at government science and technology, and R&D laboratories use gases at high pressures for test and research purposes.

Missile-based cryogenic cooling systems use Haskel gas boosters to generate high-pressures for storing and handling gases of infrared detector and guidance systems.

Liquid pumps are used to harness hydraulic power in air operated power packs that are portable, safe, reliable and energy efficient for bolt tensioning and braking systems, cylinder actuation, tail ramps, mobile jacking and lifting, and lubrication. Pumps are also used for hydrostatic pressure testing and operation of hydraulic valve actuators.

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Air and Sea Defense Technology

From gun recoil systems to avionic cooling systems, high-pressure gases commonly used in air and sea defense technology include compressed oxygen which is used by Naval Divers and Special Forces for breathing-air cylinder filling. It is also used in aircraft to charge oxygen for the pilot’s emergency ejection seat bottle, and in heliox tanks for Halo and Haho missions from high altitude. It is even used charging cylinders for passenger emergency supply.

Gas boosters for inert gases at high pressures are used for charging emergency inflation float devices and emergency escape equipment with Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Helium. Gas boosters are also used for Nitrogen charging of landing gear struts, hydraulic accumulators and tire inflation are other uses.

Liquid pumps are used to conduct hydrostatic testing such as proof testing pressure vessels, hose and tube assemblies or other components. They are also used in aircraft braking system and hydraulic actuators found in the undercarriage. At sea pumps can be used for pressure testing boilers, tensioning bolts, CFC recovery, and gun turret leveling.


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