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Pressure Testing Safety: Haskel's Focus on Employee Health Means Better Data for Customers

Last month, Haskel, a company with 70 years of experience in expertise in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology, completed construction of a dedicated testing facility at their Sunderland, UK location. This facility will be used to test and inspect 100% of their pressurization systems.The primary intent of designing this facility, which will test and inspect 100% of the systems being shipped to customers, was to reduce risk to employees testing products.


Achieving Availability and Reliability in High-Pressure Solutions through Proactive Customer Service

In 2015, Haskel Europe began an 8-month endeavor to overhaul its customer reporting system. The goal: ensuring customer satisfaction in both availability and reliability. Success in these areas depends on offering lead times when products are ordered and performing against those lead times when it is time to deliver.


Meet the Team: Darran Heath, Global Hydrogen General Manager, Shares His Insights on the Emerging Market

To further its 2018 commitment to hydrogen development and to deliver on its ambition to become a leading hydrogen equipment and systems supplier on a global platform, Haskel brought Darran Heath onto the team as General Manager of the newly formed Global Hydrogen Systems Group in January. Heath began his career in mechanical and production engineering, ultimately transitioning into commercial and business management roles.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems receives significant investment to meet growing global demand

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), has announced that, in order to satisfy increasing global demand, it has secured significant multimillion dollar investment to grow the business and fuel international expansion.


How Haskel is supporting a hydrogen economy in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are both keen to harness the potential of hydrogen to provide a clean alternative to traditional transport fuels. The latter published a green paper entitled ‘A vision for hydrogen in New Zealand’ in September 2019, setting out its plan to use renewable energy to produce green hydrogen and move heavy vehicles away from fossil fuels.


Meet the team in Europe and find out more about Haskel Hydrogen Refuelling solutions

With a number of in person shows lined up across the summer, the Haskel team will be on hand to share details of our range of refuelling stations, hydrogen compression equipment and specially designed valves and fittings to meet the needs of the growing hydrogen mobility market.


Fueling Hydrogen Innovation: Haskel Contributes to Toyota Hydrogen Road Trip

In case you missed it, Toyota’s hydrogen-fueled Mirai road-tripped across Europe for the past year and a half. The Toyota Mirai stopped at Haskel's Sunderland plant – its first stop in England – to be filled via a mobile hydrogen refueling station built using Haskel components including gas boosters specifically designed to handle pressurized hydrogen.


Distributor Highlight: Wainbee Limited's Engineering Makes an Ideal Partnership to Serve Canada's Pneumatic and Hydraulic High-Pressure Needs

Haskel's rich network of distributors is key to upholding these standards in various industries across the world. Haskel recognizes the hard work their distributors put in and the important role they play in the company's success. To share appreciation for these partnerships, Haskel is highlighting some of their longtime distributors.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs. Battery: Comparing Zero-Emission Vehicles

Though there has been significant progress in the move toward zero-emission vehicles, “new-energy” and alt-fuel vehicles such as hybrid electric/petrol only hold about 6% of the market share. Consumer education and adoption are still major gaps that need to be closed. A deeper understanding of the origins of the technologies and the differences between them will help alleviate perceived fears and embrace the technology that’s coming their way.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems works with ECUBES to supply first hydrogen fuelling station in Slovenia

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, an Ingersoll Rand Business, is working with ECUBES Technologies, a Slovenia based energy strategy consultancy firm, to deliver the first hydrogen fuelling station in Slovenia supporting the creation of a first European cross-border Hydrogen Valley in the North Adriatic region.


Q-Drive: The Forefront of Automation Technology in Gas Compression

The Haskel Q-Drive is a benchmark in the world of gas compression technology as the industry’s very first servo electrically driven gas booster system. Employing a wide variety of automation features such as advanced communication capabilities, a simple machine interface, and self-monitoring capabilities, the design of the Q-drive allows it to be a versatile work horse fit for future industry.


Building a High Quality Reputation in New Zealand: Haskel Partner Liquipro is the Newest Master Distributor

Haskel continues to grow its network of Master Distributors in order to expertly serve its customer base in New Zealand and Australia. We are excited to announce the newest distributor promoted to Master Distributor, Liquipro. Through this new Master Distributor model, Liquipro will serve New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, making Haskel's high-pressure solutions more readily available to customers in these areas.


Bringing Change to the Hydrogen Market: Haskel Engineer will Unveil New Technology at 2018 Summit

Haskel has joined the speaker line-up for the 2018 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Energy Summit to discuss hydrogen embrittlement effects on high-cycle pressure vessels, limitations of current metallurgical approaches to reduce H2 embrittlement, and design methods to prevent H2 induced crack growth in pressure vessels.


Distributor Feature: HD Tech Takes H-Drive to Next Level to Keep Hydrogen Flowing

Established in 2009, HD Tech specializes in high-pressure systems and serves both Germany and Austria. Having partnered with Haskel for several years, the engineers at HD Tech have exceptional knowledge about both Haskel and BuTech products.


Haskel’s 75 Years of Milestones & What’s Next: An Interview with Steve Learney

With Haskel hitting its milestone 75th anniversary this year, we sat down with the organization’s General Manager Steve Learney to recap some of the milestones in high-pressure solutions. He also shares his perspective on some of the fastest growing markets, including hydrogen mobility. Read what Steve had to say.


Making life better together – We are Ingersoll Rand Businesses

As our businesses continue to grow and thrive as part of Ingersoll Rand, our brands are evolving. The next step in this evolution, as of today, is to endorse our brands as Ingersoll Rand businesses.


Distributor Highlight: Airline Hydraulics Turns Engineering Knowledge into Sales Expertise

Airline Hydraulics is one of Haskel's most well-known distribution partners, but it's their engineering expertise and advanced hydraulic facility that distinguish them as more than just a distributor. We recently caught up with Kyle Springer, Airline's Haskel and BuTech Systems Product Manager, to learn more about the partnership between the two companies and the benefits it offers customers.


Distributor Feature: Using High-Pressure Expertise to Build Whole-System Solutions

As a small, family-owned business, FLW takes pride in knowing the product lines they sell inside and out by keeping in-depth product knowledge experts on staff to ensure customers receive the best service. Last year, FLW was Haskel’s largest distributor in the Western United States, building on the expertise they have been providing to customers for years.We caught up with FLW president Andrew Peek and Ray Schnell, former Haskel team member and current FLW Product Specialist, to learn more about the distributor partnership.


Recruitment drive ongoing as Haskel Hydrogen Systems continues to grow

As our Hydrogen Systems Group continues to grow, we are looking for passionate, talented and innovative people to join our team across a number of roles and disciplines.


Breakthrough Technology Supports a Safer and More Productive BHO Essential Oil Extraction Process

While Haskel’s BHO pumps are designed to deliver advanced levels of efficiency and productivity for BHO operators, they also conform to the rigorous operational safety standards that are being adopted and enforced by local, state and federal agencies.


Hydrogen Technology and Refueling Stations: How One Country is Normalizing the Change to Clean Energy

Hydrogen technologies are slowly becoming part of consumer life in many countries, but in China the hydrogen market is very much a part of daily life. Beginning operation in late 2018, one of the world’s largest refueling stations keeps China’s hydrogen buses – and its people – moving all day long. Below they share why this refueling station is so important to the worldwide hydrogen market and where the industry will likely lead next.


Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: Providing Safe and Streamlined Gas Charging Systems for Leading Helicopter Test Equipment Manufacturer

Haskel is a long-term supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of mobile test equipment for the aviation industry. As part of this partnership, Haskel is proud to provide high pressure nitrogen charging systems which are used for ground support for Apache and other helicopters.


Intelligent QR Codes on Industrial Pumps Empower The Customer Experience

Haskel is announcing implementation of unique QR codes on each piece of equipment to give customers instant access to important product information specific to their equipment.


Case Study: Creating Cost and Performance Solutions through High-Pressure Engineering Expertise

Though all Haskel equipment is designed to fit the needs of various high-pressure applications, it's common that our customers need a customization on certain products in order to better fit their exact operation. With our extensive engineering expertise and rich industry knowledge, we’re able to design and produce solutions that offer our customers the exact performance they seek. Here are two examples of times Haskel's engineers worked with customers to create custom modifications.


The Secret to Saving Money on Your Argon Use

Argon is considered one of the noble gases. It is odorless and colorless and is inert to other substances. The word argon comes from the Greek word for lazy, which reflects how unreactive it is. With the chemical element symbol of Ar, Argon is also the third most abundant gas in the atmosphere, as well as the most abundant within the earth’s surface crust.


Subsea Critical Equipment: Reducing Test Times with Nitrogen Gas Compressor Systems

For critical subsea applications, the highest performing equipment is needed to ensure maximum operational safety. Learn how Haskel's nitrogen compression system increases efficiency while maximizing operational safety. 


Hiringa Refuelling New Zealand Places First Four Orders with Haskel Hydrogen Systems Under Framework Agreement to Supply High-Capacity Hydrogen Refuelling Stations for Nationwide Green Hydrogen Network

Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), is pleased to announce a long-term agreement with Hiringa Refuelling NZ (Hiringa) to supply hydrogen refuelling stations across New Zealand.


Green Initiatives: Haskel’s Sustainability Commitment

As Haskel continues to support sustainability initiatives, the team has established their own sustainability goals and action points to contribute towards a greener environment.


Ingersoll Rand Completes Acquisition of Maximus Solutions

Maximus Solutions will join the Precision and Science Technologies segment of Ingersoll Rand


Hydrogen-Powered Drones: Why Fuel Cell Technology Solves Flight Range Challenges in Commercial Applications

While the market is expected to hit exponential growth within the next year, UAV technology is still challenged by limited flight durations and load capacity. Eliminating these barriers would considerably increase adoption and usage of drone technology in critical applications. Read how hydrogen fuelling can solve these challenges.


Celebrating 75 Years: A Glimpse at Haskel’s Ongoing Support of the Aerospace Industry

As we celebrate Haskel’s 75th anniversary, our team is reflecting on some of our most historic and notable projects. Our company has a longstanding history of supporting the aerospace industry. It’s where our roots are, and this month we’re reflecting on our involvement with Skylab—the first space station launched by NASA.


Total Cost of Ownership Projections: FCEVs will beat out BEVs

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. Governments around the globe are making important investments to create the infrastructure needed for hydrogen mobility, but fuel cell electric vehicles must make stand-alone financial sense for consumers and municipalities.


Managing Manufacturing Operations in the Time of COVID-19: Meet Haskel’s Plant Manager, Stacey Ramirez

Her career at Haskel started with an internship, but Stacey Ramirez has quickly made her mark in key roles. She took on roles in Quality and EH&S before becoming Production Supervisor, growing into Plant Manager. We talked to Stacey to learn more about her experiences at Haskel and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both customer and employee operations.


Hydrogen Fuelling: Meeting Industry Needs for Scalable Solutions

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology has arrived, and public awareness is growing. With growing governmental and public support, hydrogen is a viable business investment and looks to meet scalable opportunities.


Meet the Team: Scott Sopko Brings Years of Industrial Experience to Haskel

After a career working throughout the high-pressure and hydrogen industries, Scott Sopko’s first months on the job have been eventful! We caught up with Scott to learn what brought him to Haskel and what he’s seeing in the high-pressure market today.


UBC Rocket Engineering Series: Hot Fires and Major Milestones

We recently shared details of our involvement with the UBC Rocket Engineering Design Team, their design program, and why they chose Haskel as their gas booster supplier. In a check-in on their most recent accomplishments, the team was very excited about the successful hot fire testing they have completed.


Putting Our Products to the Test: How Haskel Ensures the Highest Quality in High-Pressure

Great engineering and superior quality have allowed Haskel to continually supply the most reliable pumps in the market. We sat down with Haskel’s Process Engineering Technician Lead Danny Parra and Process Engineering Technician Gary Ramirez to find out what products they are testing, and how the results are affecting the future of Haskel’s supply chain.


Meet the Team: Who is Haskel Dave? Get to Know Haskel's Global Product Manager

With over 16 years of employment at Haskel, Dave Gordon knows more about Haskel’s suite of products than most. Throughout his years with the company, Gordon has been involved in some of the company’s biggest advancements. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his role and find what he’s been working on with the Haskel team.


Meet the Team: Haskel’s New Hydrogen Systems European Sales Manager, Guy Verkoeyen

With his previous experience in hydrogen and fuel cells product sales, Guy Verkoeyen brings a distinct advantage to the Haskel team. He's joined the company to take on a key role in continuing our growth within the hydrogen market. We sat down with Haskel’s newest employee to discover what is in store for him at Haskel.


All Systems Go: The Space Industry is Gearing Up for Exciting Times

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we’re once again experiencing an exciting time for space exploration—records are being broken, and many governments and private companies are setting ambitious goals.


Haskel Joins Ingersoll Rand

Expands offerings for Fluid Management Read More


Haskel Set to Launch Hydrogen Test Center to Continue Advancements in High-Pressure Solutions

On June 6, 2018, Haskel will be opening its Hydrogen Test Center in Sunderland, UK as part of its continued initiative to advance hydrogen compression technologies. The test center will be just the second place in Europe capable of testing with hydrogen and the only facility in the country to also be manufacturing hydrogen compression and flow technologies.


Haskel to exhibit at EGYPS 2017

EGYPS 2017 is a unique opportunity to connect with organisations that are at the forefront of the region’s oil and gas discoveries and opportunities.


Paul Peverley Accepts Asia Pacific Regional Sales Manager Position

In recognition of the huge future growth potential in the Asia-Pacific, Paul Peverley has accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager, having specific responsibility to manage sales in Australia & New Zealand, and to target strategic accounts in the Asia-Pacific region. He will be promoting the Accudyne Product Portfolio with particular focus on the Haskel and BuTech product range.


Greg Terterian Appointed Haskel Engineering Manager

Haskel announces the appointment of Greg Terterian to Engineering Manager. Based out of Haskel USA headquarters in Burbank, CA. Greg will oversee the Engineering department for both Haskel and BuTech brands.


Upgraded Seals Extend Product Service Life and Reduce Waste and Downtime

Haskel products are being designed with upgraded seal materials. The more durable, longer lasting air-drive seals extend service life and maintenance intervals of its products. The extended-life seals, originally an optional upgrade, now come as an across-the-board standard on all Haskel pumps, gas boosters and air amplifiers.


Establishing Safety and Efficiency in the Essential Oil Extraction Process

The rapid growth of the essential oil industry has increased demand for essential oils. For those looking to leverage growth opportunities in the essentail oil extraction business, it is critical to understand not only the basics of the extraction process, but also the safeguards and equipment needed to create an optimal operational workflow and a quality end product. The following examines the key operational considerations that owners of essential oil extraction businesses should take into account when structuring their operations.


High-Pressure Hydrogen Advancements: Haskel Engineering to Present at ASME’s Largest Mechanical Engineering Conference

Haskel kicked off the 2018 industry event lineup with the reveal of our composite barrel to completely mitigate hydrogen embrittlement, which can decrease maintenance costs and improve reliability for high-cycle pressure vessels. This can ultimately drive down the cost of hydrogen compression and fuel cell vehicles.


Haskel Upstream Technology & Expertise at Offshore Europe

SPE Offshore Europe is Europe’s leading E&P event featuring the most significant industry technologies and Haskel will be there to connect with prospects and end users alike.


Distributor Highlight: American Airworks™ Champions Haskel Product Supply in Breathing Air Industry

For more than 25 years, Haskel has partnered with American Airworks™, a breathing air products supplier in West Virginia, to bring high quality high-pressure equipment to the breathing air industry. American Airworks operates in a niche market, specializing in distribution of a unique subset of Haskel products.


New to the Haskel Team but Well Versed in Haskel Products: Meet Mike Cassie, External Sales Engineer

Mike Cassie is one of the newest faces on the Haskel International team, joining the group in April as Scotland External Sales Engineer. In this role, he covers high-pressure business in all of Scotland. Mike is managing both Haskel and BuTech products with a focus on the oil and gas industry. His previous experience with high-pressure and Haskel products in particular makes Mike the ideal team member to help customers get the product best fit for their application needs.


Green Hydrogen: Sustainable Options for Mobility and Industry

Hydrogen-powered technology has seen a great deal of interest and innovation in the past decade, overcoming many of the barriers to widespread adoption: growing public awareness, and investment in fueling infrastructure.


Haskel to Exhibit at Offshore Technology Conference, May 2 – 5, 2016, Houston, TX

Join Haskel at OTC; booth 2765 to learn how our products are advancing high-pressure liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technologies. Featured products include a hydraulic test system and our newest 20,000 psi relief valve with a state of the art repeatable release design.


Nick Kendall-Jones Joins Precision Flow as Vice-President, General Manager Haskel-BuTech

Effective July 22, Nick Kendall-Jones joins Accudyne’s Precision Flow Systems as Vice President, General Manager Haskel/BuTech Business Segment, a new stand-alone structure for its Haskel and BuTech businesses.


BuTech ANPT spec featured in Oil and Gas Australasia June

Tight tolerance threads provide reliable fittings for offshore equipment deployed in high-pressure, high-temperature environments. To find out more, read the article published in Oil and Gas Australia magazine.


Case Study: Solving High-Pressure Gas Booster Challenges for Test Cell Application

When a customer was facing challenges in their testing operations, Ray Schnell, former Haskel employee and current distributor, developed a unique solution that helped the customer meet their requirements. Read the case study to learn more.


Diver Technician Training—The Important Role of High-Pressure Pumps in Diving Safety

High-pressure equipment, such as pumps and valves, plays a vital role in diving activities. This is especially true for critical diving missions such as rescues. Tony Webster has been training divers for years and has been involved in various diving equipment development projects. As a diving trainer, Tony understands the importance of reliable, quality high-pressure equipment and reinforces safety to his students continuously.


Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group Unveils New Technology for Small-Fleet Opportunities

Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, a division of Haskel that supports global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility, is pleased to announce the development of its new cost-effective hydrogen fuelling stations – Nano and Nano Pro.


Haskel Launches Landmark European Hydrogen Facility

Haskel has opened Europe’s largest facility dedicated to testing components and systems for the emerging hydrogen market. The facility, the first of its kind, will enable Haskel Europe to offer its suppliers and customers the benefit of real-life simulation at extremely high pressures to develop more advanced products for hydrogen applications before releasing them for public use.


Rescue Operations: Why Quality and Reliability are the Backbone of High-Pressure Equipment

The world's attention recently focused on Thailand where a soccer team and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave. The rescue team was supplied with diving gear and oxygen cylinders, which were continuously refilled by a Haskel oxygen gas booster. Read how this product made its was to Thailand and supported this historic rescue mission.


Haskel to Showcase High-Pressure Pump Expertise with Hartell at China's Refrigeration Expo

At the 2018 China Refrigeration exhibition April 9-11, 2018 in Beijing, Haskel will feature its refrigeration pumps alongside sister brand Hartell, which will feature its commercial grade condensate pumps in stand W1F51.


Case Study: Selecting an Air-Driven Pump for Water Filter Housings

A Product Specialist at FLW, Ray spent 20 years with Haskel. In this time, he grew his product expertise exponentially by finding solutions for customer challenges. Below, Ray shares a case where he used his product expertise and troubleshooting experience to implement best-fit solutions for his customers’ unique needs.


Driving Consumer Adoption in Hydrogen Mobility Market

One of hydrogen mobility’s biggest barriers to widespread adoption is consumer awareness and education. Despite fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen-powered technology being far from new, there are still several misconceptions and a lack of consumer information.


Haskel to Highlight Hydrogen Gas Boosters in 2017 Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Battery Show

April 24-28, Haskel will showcase its hydrogen gas boosters and high-pressure products in booth E71/1 during Europe's largest show in the industry.


Meet the Team – Kathleen Elward, Aftermarket Manager

Though 2020 was full of challenges, it also presented many opportunities for industrial manufacturers. Kathleen Elward, Haskel’s Aftermarket Manager, saw her team presented with a number of these opportunities and is working to take advantage of the shifting practices within post-purchase service. We spoke with Kathleen to learn more about the adjustments in store for Haskel’s aftermarket department and what customers can expect to see in the coming year.


Innovation for the Innovators: How Haskel International Designed a Gas Booster for Commercial Space Flight

We recently caught up with former Haskel engineer and space engineer, John McNeil to talk about the strides Haskel has made in commercial space flight equipment. McNeil, who was part of the Haskel H-Drive design team, shares his insights from what makes the company such a key player in those applications.


Haskel Innovation Results in Higher Pressures, Increased Oxygen Content & Cost Savings for High-Pressure Systems Customer

Dave Gordon, Haskel’s west coast Regional Sales Manager, recently received a call from a company using a competitive gas booster system who was looking for a quote on a replacement for their R&D lab. True to Haskel's commitment to innovation, Dave began not by seeking to replicate someone else's design but rather to build something to fit this customer's unique application.


Haskel responds to the UK government’s Hydrogen Strategy

Haskel is pleased that the Government has published its Hydrogen Strategy, which sets out the UK’s hydrogen trajectory for the next nine years and represents a landmark moment for the sector.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems Supports Hydrogen Mobility in the Czech Republic, Announces Refueling Station Sale to Bonett Group for Unipetrol

Haskel Hydrogen Group, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), and Bonett, the largest natural gas vendor in the Czech Republic and Poland, announced an order for Geno hydrogen refueling stations for deployment at Unipetrol public fueling stations throughout the Czech Republic.


Starting Your Gas Booster Under Load: Boosting Gas Pressure Efficiently

As more manufacturers and operators look for cleaner, more cost-efficient technology that can support greater ROI, electric gas boosting designs may see increased demand over traditional designs. Electric-driven gas boosters are designed to start in a loaded condition, helping you transfer gases with maximum efficiency.


New Orders & Partnerships: Investments in Hydrogen Continue Despite COVID-19

For several months now, global markets and industries have experienced major downturns and impacts due to COVID-19. Despite uncertain and changing landscapes during this crisis, the hydrogen market has shown resiliance. Members of the hydrogen market have continued to see acceleration and scaling up of existing projects, coupled with new investment announcements almost on daily basis.


Haskel’s new hydraulically-driven gas booster launches at Hannover Messe Improved equipment for fast-developing hydrogen-fueled vehicles market

High-pressure specialist Haskel will be launching its new and improved hydraulically-driven gas booster system at the Hannover Messe H2 + FC + BAT this month. The gas booster features a modular design that is easily configurable to a wide range of critical high-pressure gas boosting applications.


What the REPowerEU initiative means for Europe’s hydrogen refuelling industry

The European Commission (EC) recently announced REPowerEU, its plan to make Europe independent of Russian fossil fuels well before 2030, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As well as diversifying gas supplies, the initiative seeks to accelerate the roll-out of renewable gases, such as hydrogen.


Case Study: Calibrating Pressure Gauges in High-Pressure Applications

Former Haskel employee and current Product Specialist at FLW, Ray Schnell shares his expertise in product design modification. Backed by 40 years of experience in the high-pressure equipment market, Ray troubleshoots and finds solutions for complex customer challenges. Read the case study below to learn how he helped one team improve production room conditions and productivity.


Haskel supports industry collaboration documentary highlighting the benefits of hydrogen

April sees the release of a special documentary, that brings together a range of voices from within the hydrogen sector to create a short film illustratrating current deployments of hydrogen and fuel cells both across the UK in a range of stationary and mobility applications.


The Next Generation of Haskel Engineers: Life as a Haskel Apprentice

Many of the business’s leaders started their careers as apprentices. This is why Haskel’s apprentice program has been key to employee and company growth. We caught up with current Haskel apprentice, Amy Chambers, to learn about her role and the future she sees at Haskel. 


Haskel Hydrogen Systems Collaborates With Total on the Successful Completion of Its Hydrogen Refuelling Station in the Netherlands

Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), is pleased to announce the successful development, installation and deployment of new hydrogen refuelling equipment for the public hydrogen station of Total Nederland N.V., located in the Dutch city of Arnhem.


Meet Nick Power, Haskel's Newest Business Development Manager in Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Nick Power, Business Development Manager (EMEA) for hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK, joined Haskel Europe in January 2021. He has worked in the industrial gases industry for 25 years and for 10 years has been involved in starting up and managing new businesses in the hydrogen mobility and gas for transport sectors. He is now helping to shape Haskel's Hydrogen Systems growth. In this interview, he shares his viewpoint on the hydrogen mobility market’s exciting future.


Meet the Team: Stewart Anderson, Hydrogen Engineering Manager for Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group

Stewart Anderson, Global Hydrogen Engineering Manager located in the UK, heads up the Haskel Hydrogen Engineering team. Anderson and his team are focused on the development and deployment of hydrogen refueling solutions to meet the needs of the mobility and transportation sector. He is responsible for Haskel’s hydrogen fueling product family.


Supercritical CO2 Extraction: How Compression Technology Helps Manufacturers Meet Market Demand

As the cannabis concentrate market grows, advancing high-pressure compression systems are improving efficiencies and safety. To meet increasing demands, manufacturers must employ the latest technologies for clean, efficient cannabis oil extraction.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems Teams Up with ATCO to Support Hydrogen Refuelling Growth in Western Australia

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, which supports global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility, is pleased to announce their newly awarded contract to supply ATCO and Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) with fully packaged refuelling systems for their H2 Refueller project, which has recently received backing from the Western Australian Government. The project will focus on the design and construction of the first H2 refuelling station in Western Australia (WA), which will be led by Haskel, and will support ATCO’s and Fortescue’s fleet of Toyota Mirais, hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles that produce no emissions other than pure water. The station will be located...


Planning Your Extraction System: Which Extraction Method is Right for You?

2020 is an important year for the cannabis market, as sales remain steady through the pandemic and legalization spreads in US states and Europe. But which extraction method is right? It depends. With emerging regulations and wide variance in supply chain models, consider your top priorities.


Haskel to Exhibit at Hannover Messe, April 25 – 29

Visit Haskel at Hannover Messe from April 25 – 29, Hall 27, Stand E71, where we will showcase our innovative equipment and solutions for Hydrogen applications.


BuTech to exhibit at Valve World Americas – Houston, TX, USA, July 15 and 16, 2015

Visit BuTech at Valve World Americas booth #243. Valve World America Expo and Conference, will be held July 15 and 16, 2015, at the George R.


Proud to join Haskel & the High-Pressure Industry: Meet Jeff Sill, Haskel's New Sales Director – EMEA

Ready for something new in his career, Jeff Sill joined Haskel less than a month ago as its newest Sales Director – EMEA. Sill is looking forward to sharing his fresh perspective with the team, but mostly he is excited about being part of a company that stands out among the competition. We caught up with him to see how he's enjoying his new role.


Haskel to Share New High-Pressure Innovations at 2018 Hannover Messe Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Battery Exhibition

Haskel, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure products will share their newest advancements in hydrogen technologies at the Hannover Messe Group Exhibition for Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Batteries in Germany, April 23-27.


Haskel to Attend International Green Energy Expo & Conference 2017 in Korea

Haskel distributor, ENPOS/Korea Hydraulic Booster Company, will be exhibiting at the Green Energy Expo & Conference in Korea. Visit the booth to learn more about Haskel's hydraulic products.


Haskel to Exhibit High-Pressure Solutions at First Year of North American Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Show

After showcasing expertise in high-pressure hydrogen equipment in the hydrogen and fuel cell show of Hannover, Germany, Haskel will also exhibit at the U.S. version of the show. The show is a premiere meeting opportunity for leaders of the hydrogen and fuel cell industries, bringing over 150 exhibitors and thousands of attendees together.


Robert Roy named Commercial Director for Haskel Europe

Robert Roy has been named Commercial Director for Haskel Europe, responsible for sales of the BuTech, Hartell, Haskel and Williams brands throughout EMEA. Robert will be based in the UK to work closely with the existing team.


Haskel and BuTech to Exhibit High-Pressure Expertise at Offshore Europe Trade Show

Haskel, along with Williams and BuTech, will exhibit at Offshore Europe September 5-8 in booth 1H62. Visit them during the show to learn more about how each brand provides high-pressure solutions for various markets.


Subsea Ball Valves Tested for Excellence for Critical Nature of Subsea Systems

Tyne Pressure Testing worked with Haskel BuTech to test a series of ball valves to ensure that they could withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of a deep sea setting.


Haskel Exhibits at OTC 2017

Attendees from Across the Globe Gathered in Houston for Annual Event’s 49th Edition to make critical decisions, share ideas, and develop business partnerships to meet global energy demands, and Haskel was there, just as it has been for over 25-years.


Haskel to Exhibit at China’s 2016 Intl Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition, Nov. 28 – 30, 2016, stand no. C04-2

Haskel will showcase its line of Hydrogen Gas Boosters used predominantly in Hydrogen fueling stations, alongside its line of valves of Hydrogen rated valves and system components.


Developing a low-carbon fuels strategy for the transport industry

Earlier this year, the UK Department for Transport issued a call for ideas for its low-carbon fuels strategy. The rallying cry invited feedback from stakeholders regarding the priorities that need to be considered in order to establish a long-term strategy, including areas to be addressed, approaches to be taken, and ideas relating to procedure and practice.


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Haskel On The Move: New Life for Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Haskel, which has been providing hydrogen refueling solutions for several years was recently challenged to decommission, relocate, and recommission one of its earlier hydrogen refueling stations.


Haskel develops test cell room with global potential

A North East manufacturer has invested £100,000 in developing a new high pressure test facility.


Haskel Europe wins major recognition for staff health, safety and wellbeing

Haskel has scored two major manufacturing industry firsts recognizing the quality of its work and its commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff at its Sunderland site.


Chris Nantau Appointed Director Sales, Canada for Accudyne Industries, PFS

Accudyne Industries is pleased to announce that Chris Nantau has been appointed Director Sales, Canada for Accudyne Precision Flow Systems.