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Meet the Team: Loy Reeder, Haskel’s Regional Sales Manager for Over 37 Years

Change leads to opportunity – A view from the front line

Over the past 75 years, Haskel has been through many changes: changes in ownership, leadership, and fluctuating market dynamics, and through all of this the brand and its core innovations prevailed. Each key change saw opportunities for growth, diversification, and development.

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we took the opportunity to chat with Loy Reeder, a long-serving Haskel USA employee that has had a front view of the company’s key changes and opportunities in his 37 years with the business.

When did you join Haskel?

I started working at Haskel in 1984, 37 years ago. I was 18 and worked part-time in the maintenance department at night while going to school.

What was your role and how did it evolve over time?

Over time, I have moved through the company, working in most departments including the stock room, shipping, purchasing, inside sales, technical sales. I have been a regional sales manager since 1998, first in the Midwest region then the Western region and since 2002, the Gulf of Mexico region. In this role I manage our relationships with 7 channel partner companies from Texas to Florida with over 100 active salespeople.

When I started in sales there was very little of the technology we rely on today. It will be hard for most people now to relate to but in the very early years we had no email, no internet, and no cell phones. The good old days weren’t so great! We do a better job and obviously do a lot more business today with these tools.

Any highlights from your career so far?

Many stories come to mind. Winning large projects and discovering new applications are the most rewarding things for me. I believe our long-standing relationships with our channel partners and distributors have contributed hugely to our success - our businesses have grown together and we have formed strong relationships over the years.

Haskel has changed a lot over the years, starting as a privately owned manufacturing business, to being part of some of the largest companies in the world. Customer focus has always been key. The support and service we offer keep Haskel a market leader. It’s the value we bring to the table. I hope we never lose sight of that.

What do you enjoy most about working at Haskel?

My favorite thing about working here is definitely the people. Haskel has a special culture, in my role I get to see many businesses and Haskel is different. We are a small team that has changed a lot over the years, but we achieve a lot. The team works together and supports each other to keep Haskel firmly positioned as the market leader in what we do.

Haskel has been my whole career so far; I’ve grown up with the company and been trusted with a range of responsibilities. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity and there is no place I would rather be today.

What do you think is in store for the future?

The recent Q-Drive development is really exciting and is the biggest new product introduction I have seen during my time with the business. Alternative energy and the private space launch industry offer many new opportunities for Haskel to grow.