Breakthrough Technology Supports a Safer and More Productive BHO Essential Oil Extraction Process

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For nearly a decade, Haskel has been the leading innovator in the essential oil extraction industry. Today, the Haskel EXT-420 and EXT-420-2 are the leading pumps in the Butane Hash Oil (BHO), or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), extraction market—borne of Haskel’s dedication to meeting the industry’s need for faster and safer extraction pumps and our 75-year history of market leading innovation in reliable, high-pressure pumps and valves.

When introduced, the Haskel EXT-420 and EXT 420-2 offered the essential oil extraction industry breakthrough technology, and today, our engineers continue to deliver the most advanced pumps available for essential oil extraction. While Haskel’s BHO pumps are designed to deliver advanced levels of efficiency and productivity for BHO operators, they also conform to the rigorous operational safety standards that are being adopted and enforced by local, state and federal agencies.

Colorado offers a blueprint for essential oil extraction system safety.

Colorado, being one of the first states with an established essential oil extraction industry, provides a good example of the safety specifications BHO operators must consider when selecting pumps for essential oil extraction systems. Specifically, The City of Denver Fire Department created detailed safety guidelines for LPG/BHO extraction facilities. Included in these guidelines is the requirement that essential oil extraction system engineers must justify how their system meets both local fire codes and any other national standards. Another notable rule from these guidelines is that:

 “…the LPG extraction process must be considered a Class I Division I location in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC)…This Class I Division I requirement was based on flammable gas metering of several extraction processes, all of which exceeded minimum LFLs during equipment opening for oil retrieval and removal of LPG-laden plant material in addition to other known equipment and accidental process failures releasing LPG. Flammable gasses are present during normal extraction operations, therefore this location meets the definition of a Class I Division I location per the NEC.”

Clearly, the type of pump that is used during LPG/BHO extraction plays an integral role in the overall system, and therefore must conform to these safety guidelines.

Haskel’s application-specific pump technology continues to lead the industry

In response to the expansion of market opportunities and regulatory oversight in the essential oil extraction industry, Haskel continues to work alongside business operators and industry regulators to evolve its pump designs to meet both operational and safety requirements. The industry-leading Haskel EXT-420, a high-pressure, positive-displacement piston pump was engineered based on extensive research of industry trends and regulations, deep knowledge of essential oil extraction and input from customers.

The EXT-420 has been tested and approved within a Class 1/Division 1 room, meeting all stated requirements for extraction system safety. The pump has been widely adopted across the industry, including in many essential oil extraction facilities in Denver, where the EXT-420 is present in nearly every system approved by The City of Denver Fire Department.

As the essential oil extraction industry continues to expand, Haskel remains committed to providing innovations in pump design and system engineering support to help BHO extraction facility operators maximize the productivity and safety of their businesses.

This commitment is echoed by Haskel engineer, Dave Gordon, who continues to be instrumental in the ongoing innovation and design of the EXT-420 pump. “Our goal is to continue to engineer pumps that offer operators both superior performance and the ability to comply with evolving safety standards,” says Gordon.

Haskel EXT-420 Pumps: Maximizing the safety and productivity of

BHO extraction

Known for their safety, reliability, efficiency and energy savings, Haskel’s EXT-420 and EXT-420-2 high-pressure pumps offer:

  • Flexibility to speed completely variable from zero to maximum lbs/minute and eliminate the need for unloaders or bypass valves. Operators can simply add gauges and hoses to suit their applications.
  • Enhanced productivity with superior extraction and flow rates to support a more efficient and profitable extraction operation.
  • Safety for handling propane and butane. The EXT-420 and EXT-420-2 pumps are engineered without electrical components and utilize a vent port connected to an exhaust line for venting gas outdoors making them an extremely safe option for BHO extraction.
  • Clean processing with no lubrication required in the gas section. Nothing is added to the gas in the pump, resulting in a purer end product.

In addition, Haskel provides the high quality and high touch service you expect from the leading high-pressure solutions provider including responsive customer service and a replacement part guarantee.

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