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Haskel Taking Orders for New H-Drive Gas Booster at Hannover Messe

H Drive Hannover

Following a rigorous development program to guarantee the highest degree of quality and reliability, the company is excited to offer the hydraulic-driven gas booster, H-Drive, to the market. The equipment is designed for a variety of gas applications, many related to the clean energy market. These applications include charging large volume, high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels needed for hydrogen vehicle refueling and constant energy supply systems.

The H-Drive design and technology takes into account future developments in the hydrogen market and maintains a keen focus on user safety. The product reduces maintenance requirements with its unique self-lubricating seal design that delivers gas-tight, non-contaminating compression. The product features help drive down the life cost of the product, an important issue in the drive for a low-cost, sustainable energy future.

Haskel revealed the H-Drive for the first time at last year’s show in Hannover. This show, which is a prominent event for leaders in hydrogen and fuel cell industries, allowed Haskel to gain product insight from their audience.

“When we revealed the H-Drive to the Hannover audience last year, they were very pleased that the equipment could accommodate the foreseeable changes in the hydrogen market. These include higher flow and pressure capacity, the use of materials that resist hydrogen embrittlement and our approach to help maintain a cost-effective product,” said Haskel Global Product Manager Paul Harrison.

Advancements in new and clean energy have spurred rapid growth in the hydrogen market. Such growth has caused a need for safe and efficient equipment to serve this industry, two of Haskel’s core strengths.

“We have a long proven track record in high pressure hydrogen gas applications. Our sealing and high pressure containment for the H-Drive was based on this track record. We are entering exciting times; we have the best-in-class compression and control equipment for high pressure gases,” said Harrison.