Built to Last: Gas Booster Technology that Set the Standard in High-Pressure


For 75 years, Haskel has developed a legacy of solutions that are not only efficient and reliable, but long-lasting. In one case, more than 37 years long to be exact. An air-driven gas booster built in 1984 was recently sent to our facility in Burbank, CA by our Canadian distributor, Wainbee Limited, along with a team of technicians, for maintenance training.

It was an exciting opportunity to look at the technology – and reliability – that has become the backbone of Haskel’s reputation within high-pressure

A Reputation of Reliability

The development of Haskel’s air-driven gas boosters left an indelible mark on high-pressure gas compression technology. Since their introduction, Haskel gas boosters have continuously demonstrated safe and reliable performance in a variety of applications, earning a reputation for robust performance, efficiency, and reliability. Reliability that has filled crucial roles in critical situations such as the 2018 cave rescue of a Thai soccer team.

Receiving our 37-year-old O2 gas booster from Wainbee Limited for maintenance training was a moment that swelled our engineers with pride. To see our commitment to product quality running right before us reaffirmed everything that Haskel has been built on. Our team was not surprised at its durability. This easy to maintain gas booster is still fully operational, producing pressures up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar), with no heat, flame, or spark risk no matter how old.

It was also a testimony to how the proper care for equipment can keep it working like new. No matter how old the equipment might be.

Products and Partnerships Built for Quality

Producing high-quality, long-lasting solutions has been Haskel’s drive for 75 years. Equally important in our organization are the relationships we build with our distributors, customers, and partners. Wainbee and Haskel have been working together for 40 years, combining the unique expertise of our skilled engineering teams to develop solutions that fulfill customer requirements. 

Campbell Tourgis, Wainbee Vice-President, says “Wainbee could not be prouder about our long and beneficial relationship with Haskel and their employees. Both companies have an indelible history of providing real value to our mutual clients for the application and longevity of their production and manufacturing needs. The success shown here with this Gas Booster’s performance over generations is a testament to that commitment.”

Haskel’s anniversary milestone is not one that was reached by accident or luck. These 75 years of experience have allowed us to grow with our customers and industries, driving us to partner with the best, in order to build and deliver the best in high-pressure solutions.

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