Expanding the Reach of Haskel's High-Pressure Expertise: Spectrum Hydraulics Joins the Distributor Network

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Haskel is excited to partner with Spectrum Hydraulics, another leading distributor in Australia that will bring high-pressure equipment to customers in the Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia regions. Through Haskel's new distributor model, Spectrum Hydraulics is the company's newest Master Distributor in a broad network of experts.

Spectrum's successful 12-year history of distributing Haskel products made achieving the Master Distributor status an easy-to-reach accomplishment. With a well-respected reputation, Spectrum Hydraulics is one of the top hydraulic specialists in Australia for sales, service, design and manufacturing of hydraulic and gas boosting systems. Spectrum also offers engineering, installation and system management services.

The company's expertise aligns with Haskel's product offerings as well as their strategic expansion in the Australian market. The partnership, which will offer new opportunities for both companies, was coordinated by Paul Peverley, Haskel Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand, along with Spectrum's Gary Mitchell, who has been appointed as the company's Product Champion, managing all Haskel product sales. Mitchell has been selling and servicing Haskel products for 12 years. 

This new partnership also supports both Haskel's and Spectrum's expansion into the rapidly growing hydrogen fuel cell and renewable energy sectors. Haskel, along with sister brands BuTech and PPI, have worked to design equipment that meets the needs of customers in the market. Spectrum will be able to offer customers these advanced solutions and help them create a competitive edge. 

Haskel and Spectrum are looking forward to leveraging this partnership and building more business opportunities. "I've been working with Haskel products for a long time, and I'm excited that we're able to strengthen our business relationship. This is going to create a lot of new opportunities," said Mitchell.

"It's been exciting to see this Master Distributor partnership develop with Spectrum. Their business model is absolutely structured to fit the ideal qualities we want in a Haskel distributor," said Peverley. "Furthering this partnership creates a big advantage for each of our companies in the South Australian regions."

If you are in the regions Spectrum serves and are interested in learning more about the company and Haskel products, visit http://www.spectrumhydraulics.com.au/.

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