Meet the Team: Darran Heath, Global Hydrogen General Manager, Shares His Insights on the Emerging Market

Haskel Darran Heath hydrogen manager

To further its 2018 commitment to hydrogen development and to deliver on its ambition to become a leading hydrogen equipment and systems supplier on a global platform, Haskel brought Darran Heath onto the team as General Manager of the newly formed Global Hydrogen Systems Group in January. Heath began his career in mechanical and production engineering, ultimately transitioning into commercial and business management roles. During his career, Heath has held roles in sales, marketing and business leadership. In these positions, safety, customer service, growth and profitability were key drivers for success, and Heath delivered results in a global tier one industrial gas company and a European tier two industrial gas company.

"I was particularly interested in Haskel because, while the hydrogen market is still young, the company's potential to make tremendous growth in a relatively short period of time is achievable and exciting," says Heath. "Haskel International's credibility is recognized worldwide, and their reputation for quality, safety and innovation was established decades ago. Today, the company is regarded as one of the leaders in the market. With its solid foundation of global brand awareness, Haskel is uniquely positioned for both rapid growth and agility in product development to meet new hydrogen market demands."

While achieving growth was a primary interest for Heath, the opportunity to develop the new business unit—Haskel's Global Hydrogen Systems—coupled with the chance to introduce new products into new markets and geographies, also influenced his decision to join the Haskel team. He is also looking forward to building new and existing team members' skills within the Hydrogen division. Heath believes this is an exciting opportunity to further develop hydrogen expertise and be successful in a vibrant, challenging new environment.

According to Heath, Haskel's H-Drive, which launched in the fall of 2017, has revolutionized the way gas boosters function. He also knows that with more than 70 years of experience the company is poised to design even more revolutionary products. With the latest technology scheduled for release later this year, he's excited to see what's in store.


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