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Proud to join Haskel & the High-Pressure Industry: Meet Jeff Sill, Haskel's New Sales Director – EMEA

Jeff Sill

Ready for something new in his career, Jeff Sill joined Haskel less than a month ago as its newest Sales Director – EMEA. Sill is looking forward to sharing his fresh perspective with the team, but mostly he is excited about being part of a company that stands out among the competition. “The more I learned about Haskel, the more I knew they were a team I wanted to be part of” said Sill. We caught up with him to see how he's enjoying his new role.

How does Haskel stand out from the competition in the markets they serve?

Haskel's engineering is second to none. That was obvious from my outside perspective when I was still learning about the company. Now that I am a member of the company I am seeing that engineering expertise firsthand. It's been an important factor in building long standing customer relationships.

As I learn more about my role and the customer base I'll now be serving, I'm seeing how strongly the company's place in the market is backed by its reputation of quality. When a company is dedicated to producing the products the industry need it's obvious why customer loyalty is so high.

What did you do before you joined the Haskel team?

I previously worked as a Director of Commercial Operations for the U.S. based company IDEX. In that role I was responsible all activities from business development through to sales for Europe, Oceania and African regions. I also managed a team of 12 sales managers/directors when I held that role.

I didn't directly work in the high-pressure industry prior to joining Haskel, but there is an appeal to working a new industry that shares some business dynamics and end-users. It's also exciting to join a sales team that has such rich experience and knowledge.

What are you currently focusing on in your new role?

Seeing how I'm still quite new to the job I am still in the learning phase. Haskel has a lot of exciting things in the works and I want to take the time to learn all I can so I know exactly what my team's priorities should be at this time. I'm looking forward to the things ahead though.


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