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Case Studies: Creating Cost and Performance Solutions through High-Pressure Engineering Expertise

Case Study Creating Cost and Performance Solutions

Though all Haskel equipment is designed to fit the needs of various high-pressure applications, it's common that our customers need a customization on certain products in order to better fit their exact operation. With our extensive engineering expertise and rich industry knowledge, we’re able to design and produce solutions that offer our customers the exact performance they seek.

Below are two examples of times Haskel's engineers worked with customers to create custom modifications on high-pressure pumps to expand capabilities and improve processes.

Air-Driven Pump – A Cost and Performance Value-Added Solution


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), a global leader in engineered solutions for heavy industrial applications, needed an air-driven pump that would improve manufacturing processes in their rubber and tire machinery. Using Haskel's AW-35 series pump allowed MHI a greater increase in tool life and better reduction of press process time compared to one of our competitor's products.


Cost, performance, and equipment mounting options intrigued MHI to work with Haskel. Our teams, along with channel partner Stanley Proctor, worked together to create a solution that actively confronted issues involving energy conservation and ecology by developing machinery for MHI's ecologically-friendly tires.


MHI continues to partner with Haskel and Stanley Proctor to develop air-driven pump solutions adapted for industrial equipment markets.

Refrigerant Pump – A Cost, Performance and Bankable Solution


A leading manufacturer in the botanical medicine market, located in Illinois, was interested in a reliable processing system that offered performance and bankable reliability. While exploring different options and navigating conversations with various manufacturing partners, the customer found that Haskel's engineering expertise provided the most attractive opportunity to solve their high-pressure needs.


After troubleshooting different solutions for the customer's processing system, Haskel's engineering team designed a modification to a standard refrigerant pump that would meet these application-specific needs. By working closely with the customer and their sales channel partner, Fluid Process Controls of Burr Ridge, Illinois, Haskel was able to deliver a custom solution that increased system performance, cost and reliability.


Haskel continues to work with the customer to develop new refrigerant solutions that can be adapted to fit the needs to the medical manufacturing market.


If you're in need of a custom solution or equipment modification, contact our team.