Green Initiatives: Haskel’s Sustainability Commitment

As Haskel continues to support sustainability initiatives, the team has established their own sustainability goals and action points to contribute towards a greener environment.

Sustainability remains a growing focus around the world, with many countries enacting green practices and net-zero emission goals. With the launch of green technology such as Q-Drive, an electric servo-driven gas compressor system, as well as hydrogen refueling stations and equipment s for FCEVs, Haskel is a leader in supporting a greener global economy.

As Haskel continues to support these initiatives, the team has established its own sustainability goals and action points to contribute towards a greener environment. Every step counts, even smaller steps like switching to biodegradable packing materials and water recycling, to installing motion sensors that allow lighting in the unused areas of the facility to remain unlit when unoccupied – from the master copy room to the shop floor mezzanines.

Small Steps Make a Difference in Sustainability

Beyond its sustainable products, in the area of packaging, Haskel has made the switch to biodegradable packing peanuts made from potato cornstarch, fully dissolvable in water within just a few hours, leaving behind no toxic residue, chemicals, or microplastics.

This is just one of the many changes Haskel facilities are implementing. More recently, at one facility, Haskel has invested in an evaporative tank to effectively recycle machine shop fluids and evaporate around 3500 gallons of excess grey mop water into the atmosphere. On a larger scale, making the move to solar power is on Haskel’s horizon.

“We challenge ourselves to be greener every day, whether it be in maintenance of our facilities, production processes, or any part of our operation, as we work toward meeting long-term sustainability goals. We even challenge employees working remotely to think of ways they can work greener. Changes like these are good for the environment, employee health and safety, and in some cases even reduce costs” said Stacey Ramirez, Plant Manager at Haskel’s Burbank, USA facility.

The adoption of biodegradable packing peanuts and the evaporative tank are two examples of green initiatives derived from Haskel’s employee suggestion system. Employees are encouraged to leave suggestions and feedback on how to improve work safety and conditions. By making these seemingly small changes, Haskel hopes to make a difference and inspire their partners and customers to do so too.

Haskel Commitment to Moving Green

Haskel works towards its commitment to a greener future through the implementation of yearly goals and environmental check-ins. Efforts are supported by the Ingersoll Rand’s AHS Community, a collective group focusing on working together to implement and support sustainability measures, environmental health, and safety best practices across the globe. Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to sustainability is a great push for Haskel facilities, with 2030 and 2050 environmental goals that focus on improving water, air, and land quality.

In addition to their environmental goals, Haskel’s USA facility has been officially certified as a Cal/VPP Star Site, which is a voluntary Cal/OSHA program that evaluates participants every three to five years for “exemplary worksites with comprehensive, successful safety and health management systems”. To participate in this program, employers must submit an “application to OSHA and undergo a rigorous onsite evaluation by a team of safety and health professionals”. Because of Haskel’s efforts and constant move towards greener practices, Haskel’s Burbank, CA facility has been one of the few organizations to be awarded OSHA’s Cal/VPP Star Certification for going above and beyond any California environmental regulations.

To learn more about Haskel’s green initiatives and sustainable product offerings, contact our team today.

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