BuTech 17D Sales & Marketing Toolkit

Attack Pack Presentation

Featuring product value propositions and key selling points, this product presentation can be used in sales calls, customer presentations, and sent individually to sales qualified leads 

Email Content Support

To support customer and prospect outreach, below are examples of email content that can be used in your own outreach. These can be modified in any way to best fit your audience.

Overview Article

Placed in promotions for the 2020 Offshore Technology show, this short article gives an overview of the API 17D testing and highlights BuTech's valve quality.

Product Flyer

For existing customers and prospects (individuals whose info you already have), share this brochure as a quick product overview:

For lead generation (individuals whose info you don't have), share this link to download the brochure. This will help us capture their info:

[This is a great thing to share on LinkedIn!] 

Social Media Support

The promotional video can be shared from Haskel's YouTube or the link below can be embedded on your website. You can also share this link with prospects.



Individual assets to generate customer interest in BuTech.

To help you market and sell BuTech's API 17D 10K-Rated subsea valves, the assets below are available for your use. These tools will help you reach customers with the information they need and generate new leads as well. You can share the individual assets with customers and prospects as needed. 

Please send individual resources to customers and prospects, do not share this direct link.

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