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Making life better together – We are Ingersoll Rand Businesses

As our businesses continue to grow and thrive as part of Ingersoll Rand, our brands are evolving. The next step in this evolution, as of today, is to endorse our brands as Ingersoll Rand businesses.


Distributor Highlight: Airline Hydraulics Turns Engineering Knowledge into Sales Expertise

Airline Hydraulics is one of Haskel's most well-known distribution partners, but it's their engineering expertise and advanced hydraulic facility that distinguish them as more than just a distributor. We recently caught up with Kyle Springer, Airline's Haskel and BuTech Systems Product Manager, to learn more about the partnership between the two companies and the benefits it offers customers.


Case Study: Selecting an Air-Driven Pump for Water Filter Housings

A Product Specialist at FLW, Ray spent 20 years with Haskel. In this time, he grew his product expertise exponentially by finding solutions for customer challenges. Below, Ray shares a case where he used his product expertise and troubleshooting experience to implement best-fit solutions for his customers’ unique needs.


Driving Consumer Adoption in Hydrogen Mobility Market

One of hydrogen mobility’s biggest barriers to widespread adoption is consumer awareness and education. Despite fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen-powered technology being far from new, there are still several misconceptions and a lack of consumer information.


Haskel to Highlight Hydrogen Gas Boosters in 2017 Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Battery Show

April 24-28, Haskel will showcase its hydrogen gas boosters and high-pressure products in booth E71/1 during Europe's largest show in the industry.


Distributor Feature: HD Tech Takes H-Drive to Next Level to Keep Hydrogen Flowing

Established in 2009, HD Tech specializes in high-pressure systems and serves both Germany and Austria. Having partnered with Haskel for several years, the engineers at HD Tech have exceptional knowledge about both Haskel and BuTech products.


In the wake of COP26, which countries are leading in hydrogen transport adoption?

In the run-up to COP26, the eyes of the world were fixed on Glasgow in the hope that the event would deliver meaningful progress and binding emissions-reduction commitments from the countries attending. This year has seen climate change move itself definitively onto the news agenda just as alternatives to fossil fuels have increasingly come to the fore.


Haskel supports industry collaboration documentary highlighting the benefits of hydrogen

April sees the release of a special documentary, that brings together a range of voices from within the hydrogen sector to create a short film illustratrating current deployments of hydrogen and fuel cells both across the UK in a range of stationary and mobility applications.


Proud to join Haskel & the High-Pressure Industry: Meet Jeff Sill, Haskel's New Sales Director – EMEA

Ready for something new in his career, Jeff Sill joined Haskel less than a month ago as its newest Sales Director – EMEA. Sill is looking forward to sharing his fresh perspective with the team, but mostly he is excited about being part of a company that stands out among the competition. We caught up with him to see how he's enjoying his new role.


Case Study: Creating Cost and Performance Solutions through High-Pressure Engineering Expertise

Though all Haskel equipment is designed to fit the needs of various high-pressure applications, it's common that our customers need a customization on certain products in order to better fit their exact operation. With our extensive engineering expertise and rich industry knowledge, we’re able to design and produce solutions that offer our customers the exact performance they seek. Here are two examples of times Haskel's engineers worked with customers to create custom modifications.


The Secret to Saving Money on Your Argon Use

Argon is considered one of the noble gases. It is odorless and colorless and is inert to other substances. The word argon comes from the Greek word for lazy, which reflects how unreactive it is. With the chemical element symbol of Ar, Argon is also the third most abundant gas in the atmosphere, as well as the most abundant within the earth’s surface crust.


Intelligent QR Codes on Industrial Pumps Empower The Customer Experience

Haskel is announcing implementation of unique QR codes on each piece of equipment to give customers instant access to important product information specific to their equipment.


The Next Generation of Haskel Engineers: Life as a Haskel Apprentice

Many of the business’s leaders started their careers as apprentices. This is why Haskel’s apprentice program has been key to employee and company growth. We caught up with current Haskel apprentice, Amy Chambers, to learn about her role and the future she sees at Haskel. 


Haskel’s 75 Years of Milestones & What’s Next: An Interview with Steve Learney

With Haskel hitting its milestone 75th anniversary this year, we sat down with the organization’s General Manager Steve Learney to recap some of the milestones in high-pressure solutions. He also shares his perspective on some of the fastest growing markets, including hydrogen mobility. Read what Steve had to say.


UBC Rocket Engineering Series: Hot Fires and Major Milestones

We recently shared details of our involvement with the UBC Rocket Engineering Design Team, their design program, and why they chose Haskel as their gas booster supplier. In a check-in on their most recent accomplishments, the team was very excited about the successful hot fire testing they have completed.


Haskel to exhibit at EGYPS 2017

EGYPS 2017 is a unique opportunity to connect with organisations that are at the forefront of the region’s oil and gas discoveries and opportunities.


Haskel to Exhibit at China’s 2016 Intl Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference & Exhibition, Nov. 28 – 30, 2016, stand no. C04-2

Haskel will showcase its line of Hydrogen Gas Boosters used predominantly in Hydrogen fueling stations, alongside its line of valves of Hydrogen rated valves and system components.


Haskel to Exhibit at Hannover Messe, April 25 – 29

Visit Haskel at Hannover Messe from April 25 – 29, Hall 27, Stand E71, where we will showcase our innovative equipment and solutions for Hydrogen applications.


BuTech to exhibit at Valve World Americas – Houston, TX, USA, July 15 and 16, 2015

Visit BuTech at Valve World Americas booth #243. Valve World America Expo and Conference, will be held July 15 and 16, 2015, at the George R.


Meeting Market Demand: Changing the Standard of Standardization in High-Pressure

The introduction of Amazon’s 2-day shipping has completely shifted consumer buying expectations. If speedy delivery options aren’t available, buyers may take their business elsewhere. To meet this market demand, many manufacturers are moving toward standardization – Haskel included. Below, Haskel team members Graham Fox, Jeff Sill, and Stevan Berry, the individuals leading this change, explain how this move will impact the market.


Three Years After the Thai Cave Rescue Operation: A Reminder of Why Quality and Reliability are the Backbone of High-Pressure Equipment

It has been over three years since the dramatic rescue of the young soccer players from the cave in Thailand. National Geographic recently released a film about the story that includes never-before- seen footage from cameras that the Thai Navy Seals used. We are still so proud that Haskel equipment was involved in the rescue and the story underscores the importance of quality and reliability with everything that we do.



Mitigating Risks in Oxygen Gas Booster Begins with Equipment Hygiene: Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services Help Ensure Health and Safety

Each year, Haskel delivers hundreds of gas boosters and high pressure systems to customers in the aviation, military and automotive industries who utilize them with a variety of gases, including oxygen. The equipment arrives oxygen cleaned, certified and ready for use from Haskel’s pristine oxygen cleaning facilities which feature ISO 7,000/US 10,000 clean rooms.


Diving Deep: Supporting Deep Sea Expeditions With Safe High-Pressure Equipment

In 2010, a group of divers, engineers, mechanics, biologists, scientists and researchers set off with a full production crew on an exploration of the unknown—the Under the Pole expedition. Aiming to drive innovation while performing educational and scientific undersea expeditions, Under the Pole (UTP) has gained worldwide recognition for its bold approach and captivating storytelling.


BuTech API 17D - Drilling Deeper With Confidence

BuTech’s high performance, high-pressure subsea valves and fittings make it possible. 


Hydrogen buses as an effective way to decarbonise transport fleets – refuelling considerations for local authorities

In July 2021, the European Commission published its ‘Fit for 55’ package of measures designed to achieve the target of a 55 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, compared to 1990 thresholds.


2019 Subsea Expo: What’s Next in High-Pressure Technology & Safety

In early February, members of the Haskel team attended Scotland’s 2019 Subsea Expo. The exhibition floor featured new technologies that will enhance recovery and safety in high-pressure operations, and a significant subsea market ramp-up. Read our top 3 attention-getting trends from the expo.


Haskel Teams Up with Aussie Fluid Power to Bring High-Pressure Solutions to Australia

Haskel's newest partnership is bringing their expertise in high-pressure solutions to customers in Western and Northern Australia. Aussie Fluid Power (AFP) is now part of the Haskel distributor network, making expertise in oil and gas applications more readily available to customers in the regions they serve.


Celebrating 75 Years: A Glimpse at Haskel’s Ongoing Support of the Aerospace Industry

As we celebrate Haskel’s 75th anniversary, our team is reflecting on some of our most historic and notable projects. Our company has a longstanding history of supporting the aerospace industry. It’s where our roots are, and this month we’re reflecting on our involvement with Skylab—the first space station launched by NASA.


Greg Terterian Appointed Haskel Engineering Manager

Haskel announces the appointment of Greg Terterian to Engineering Manager. Based out of Haskel USA headquarters in Burbank, CA. Greg will oversee the Engineering department for both Haskel and BuTech brands.


Fueling Hydrogen Innovation: Haskel Contributes to Toyota Hydrogen Road Trip

In case you missed it, Toyota’s hydrogen-fueled Mirai road-tripped across Europe for the past year and a half. The Toyota Mirai stopped at Haskel's Sunderland plant – its first stop in England – to be filled via a mobile hydrogen refueling station built using Haskel components including gas boosters specifically designed to handle pressurized hydrogen.


Chris Nantau Appointed Director Sales, Canada for Accudyne Industries, PFS

Accudyne Industries is pleased to announce that Chris Nantau has been appointed Director Sales, Canada for Accudyne Precision Flow Systems.


Distributor Highlight: Wainbee Limited's Engineering Makes an Ideal Partnership to Serve Canada's Pneumatic and Hydraulic High-Pressure Needs

Haskel's rich network of distributors is key to upholding these standards in various industries across the world. Haskel recognizes the hard work their distributors put in and the important role they play in the company's success. To share appreciation for these partnerships, Haskel is highlighting some of their longtime distributors.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs. Battery: Comparing Zero-Emission Vehicles

Though there has been significant progress in the move toward zero-emission vehicles, “new-energy” and alt-fuel vehicles such as hybrid electric/petrol only hold about 6% of the market share. Consumer education and adoption are still major gaps that need to be closed. A deeper understanding of the origins of the technologies and the differences between them will help alleviate perceived fears and embrace the technology that’s coming their way.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems works with ECUBES to supply first hydrogen fuelling station in Slovenia

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, an Ingersoll Rand Business, is working with ECUBES Technologies, a Slovenia based energy strategy consultancy firm, to deliver the first hydrogen fuelling station in Slovenia supporting the creation of a first European cross-border Hydrogen Valley in the North Adriatic region.


Q-Drive: The Forefront of Automation Technology in Gas Compression

The Haskel Q-Drive is a benchmark in the world of gas compression technology as the industry’s very first servo electrically driven gas booster system. Employing a wide variety of automation features such as advanced communication capabilities, a simple machine interface, and self-monitoring capabilities, the design of the Q-drive allows it to be a versatile work horse fit for future industry.


Built to Last: Gas Booster Technology that Set the Standard in High-Pressure

An air-driven gas booster built in 1984 was recently sent to our facility in Burbank, CA by our Canadian distributor, Wainbee Limited, along with a team of technicians, for maintenance training. It was an exciting opportunity to look at the technology – and reliability – that has become the backbone of Haskel’s reputation within high-pressure


Expanding Green Hydrogen: Wind Farm Potential for Abundant and Affordable Hydrogen in the EU

Green hydrogen electrolysers paired with wind farms can help to drive down the cost of hydrogen for FCEVs, as well as provide of means of storing excess electricity made by clean energy. Wind and solar are heavily dependent on weather, and batteries are expensive, making hydrogen a practical choice for energy storage. Read more about the EU's investments in greener methods of hydrogen production.


Managing Manufacturing Operations in the Time of COVID-19: Meet Haskel’s Plant Manager, Stacey Ramirez

Her career at Haskel started with an internship, but Stacey Ramirez has quickly made her mark in key roles. She took on roles in Quality and EH&S before becoming Production Supervisor, growing into Plant Manager. We talked to Stacey to learn more about her experiences at Haskel and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both customer and employee operations.


Reducing Costs in Industrial Gas: Boosting Packaged Gases to Boost Output

The packaged gas industry is faced with market volatility, changing supply and demand, and in many cases, skyrocketing costs. Recently, both helium and oxygen have experienced highs and lows in cost and availability, further emphasizing the need for increased throughput improvements and cost reductions in gas booster technologies.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems Adds a Toyota Mirai to its Fleet

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, a company that is helping to build a global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, has added a Toyota Mirai saloon to its fleet, helping to promote the low carbon transport potential of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technology.


New Orders & Partnerships: Investments in Hydrogen Continue Despite COVID-19

For several months now, global markets and industries have experienced major downturns and impacts due to COVID-19. Despite uncertain and changing landscapes during this crisis, the hydrogen market has shown resiliance. Members of the hydrogen market have continued to see acceleration and scaling up of existing projects, coupled with new investment announcements almost on daily basis.


20,000 psi Relief Valves Offer Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

BuTech introduces a line of high-pressure relief valves with a state of the art repeatable release design. The unique design enables the valves to automatically reseat after each pressure release, minimizing the need for frequent recalibration, resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime, and lower whole-life cost.


BuTech Spec Advances ANPT Standards by More than 80-Percent

BuTech has developed an ANPT spec for its pipe thread valves. The Butech ANTP Spec extends PSI tolerances by more than 80-percent (15K PSI versus 8K PSI) over the Aerospace NPT (ANTP) spec.


A Gas Booster System plays a key part in shutting down subsea oilfield leaks

Haskel, the leading designer and manufacturer of high-pressure generating equipment and controls, developed a new concept that will play an integral role in a complex unit designed and delivered by the Norwegian subsidiary of Oceaneering, a global provider of engineered services and products to the oil and gas industry.


Building a High Quality Reputation in New Zealand: Haskel Partner Liquipro is the Newest Master Distributor

Haskel continues to grow its network of Master Distributors in order to expertly serve its customer base in New Zealand and Australia. We are excited to announce the newest distributor promoted to Master Distributor, Liquipro. Through this new Master Distributor model, Liquipro will serve New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, making Haskel's high-pressure solutions more readily available to customers in these areas.


Haskel Europe wins major recognition for staff health, safety and wellbeing

Haskel has scored two major manufacturing industry firsts recognizing the quality of its work and its commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff at its Sunderland site.


Bringing Change to the Hydrogen Market: Haskel Engineer will Unveil New Technology at 2018 Summit

Haskel has joined the speaker line-up for the 2018 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Energy Summit to discuss hydrogen embrittlement effects on high-cycle pressure vessels, limitations of current metallurgical approaches to reduce H2 embrittlement, and design methods to prevent H2 induced crack growth in pressure vessels.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems partners with NanoSUN to refuel hydrogen-electric aircraft trials under HyFlyer II

Haskel Hydrogen Systems Group, an Ingersoll Rand business, has been chosen by NanoSUN to supply a packaged hydrogen compression system for EMEC Hydrogen’s refuelling system supporting the aircraft trials as part of UK Research and Innovation’s HyFlyer II project.


Smart Manufacturing: How Advanced Technology is Changing Gas Compression Applications

The IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, has created an increased demand for smarter technology in manufacturing applications that fully integrates with operations and is capable of responding to real-time changing conditions. The speed at which organizations are implementing automation and upgrading production systems has led to a surge in Smart Manufacturing. But some are still asking ‘what is considered Smart Manufacturing?’


Meet Haskel's Paul Peverley: A Big Move Helps Expand an Existing High-Pressure Market

Paul Peverley joined Haskel International 16 years ago, and spent his first 15 years at their Sunderland location in the UK. Peverley served as Sales Director for all of Europe from 2008 through 2017. However, in early 2017 Peverley left the UK with his family and headed down under to begin a new adventure.


Coregas Partners with Haskel on Australia’s First Commercial Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Vehicle Refuelling Station

Coregas, part of Wesfarmers Group and the only Australian-owned gases company, has purchased a refuelling station and dispenser from Haskel Hydrogen Systems Group for Australia’s first commercial, hydrogen-powered heavy vehicle refuelling station at Coregas’s hydrogen production facility at Port Kembla, New South Wales.


4 Steps for Planning Your High-Pressure Gas & Liquid System Purchase

Designing a system for delivering highly pressurized gas and liquids requires engineers to successfully meet the challenge of achieving necessary flow input while mitigating potentially dangerous flow failure situations. The unique needs of the application the system is being used in must be carefully considered prior to the purchase of system equipment.


Case Study: How Quick Thinking and Expert High-Pressure Engineering Saved Lives

We recently shared a story of the cave rescue of a soccer team in Thailand and the role Haskel’s high-pressure equipment played. Today, we're taking a deeper look into how the quick thinking of rescuers, suppliers and the Haskel product support team made that rescue possible.Easytek, the supplier of the Haskel oxygen gas booster, recounts how expert engineering by Haskel distributor American Airworks helped them meet the immediacy of this rescue mission.


Embracing the Industrial IoT to Advance High-Pressure Manufacturing

The “Internet of Things (IoT)” is a concept that has gained considerable exposure over the past decade, becoming increasingly embedded in household objects in order to more easily enable the sending and receiving of data. The IoT has already significantly changed the way that we live and work (Amazon’s Alexa, anyone?). Now these same advancements are working their way into the industrial sector.


Meet the Team: Loy Reeder, Haskel’s Regional Sales Manager for Over 37 Years

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we took the opportunity to chat with Loy Reeder, a long-serving Haskel USA employee that has had a front view of the company’s key changes and opportunities in his 37 years with the business.


Hydrogen Refuelling Systems: Finding the Right-Fit Station Based on Application

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) are gaining momentum globally, and those that are working to put in place the refuelling infrastructure are the agents of change in the fight against climate change. But what’s the right system for your hydrogen mobility application? There are more options available than some investors realize and many factors impact refuelling performance.


Serving Customers in Times of Crisis: Strengthening Our Supply Chain

Haskel and our distributors understand urgent supply chain needs during times of crisis like COVID-19. We've remained a proven partner for meeting critical high pressure manufacturing needs.


Giving Cancer Research a Boost: Haskel Employees Swim for a Cure

Haskel’s dedicated team of experts continuously shows their commitment to solving critical challenges, both at work and in their personal lives. Exemplifying our organization’s reputation of quality, safety, and reliability, we’ve seen our team members participate in some great events. For three individuals, they’ve been carrying out these values for the past seven years with their participation in the Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie Swimathon.


Delivering on a Promise of Innovation at the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

At the 2018 Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association summit (SHFCA) held in Dundee, Bob Kelly, Haskel’s Global Business Development Manager delivered a presentation outlining the strategy in the deployment of HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Stations) based on being agnostic to the supply of hydrogen molecules.


Pressure Testing Safety: Haskel's Focus on Employee Health Means Better Data for Customers

Last month, Haskel, a company with 70 years of experience in expertise in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology, completed construction of a dedicated testing facility at their Sunderland, UK location. This facility will be used to test and inspect 100% of their pressurization systems.The primary intent of designing this facility, which will test and inspect 100% of the systems being shipped to customers, was to reduce risk to employees testing products.


Achieving Availability and Reliability in High-Pressure Solutions through Proactive Customer Service

In 2015, Haskel Europe began an 8-month endeavor to overhaul its customer reporting system. The goal: ensuring customer satisfaction in both availability and reliability. Success in these areas depends on offering lead times when products are ordered and performing against those lead times when it is time to deliver.


Meet the Team: Darran Heath, Global Hydrogen General Manager, Shares His Insights on the Emerging Market

To further its 2018 commitment to hydrogen development and to deliver on its ambition to become a leading hydrogen equipment and systems supplier on a global platform, Haskel brought Darran Heath onto the team as General Manager of the newly formed Global Hydrogen Systems Group in January. Heath began his career in mechanical and production engineering, ultimately transitioning into commercial and business management roles.


Hiringa and Haskel team up at eWorld to showcase plans for NZ's green hydrogen refuelling network

Hiringa Energy is developing a network of green hydrogen refuelling stations across New Zealand and bringing fuel cell electric vehicles into the country to begin the decarbonisation of the heavy transport sector.


Supporting the Future of Aerospace: Haskel Teams Up with UBC Rocket Engineering Team

Most college students get to work on some pretty interesting projects, but only a select number of students get to build a rocket that will be sent to space. Students at The University of British Columbia (UBC) are in that select number. Competing in the Base 11 Space Challenge, the UBC Rocket Engineering Design Team is developing a fully operational rocket with hopes of winning the grand prize.


Putting Our Products to the Test: How Haskel Ensures the Highest Quality in High-Pressure

Great engineering and superior quality have allowed Haskel to continually supply the most reliable pumps in the market. We sat down with Haskel’s Process Engineering Technician Lead Danny Parra and Process Engineering Technician Gary Ramirez to find out what products they are testing, and how the results are affecting the future of Haskel’s supply chain.


An Expanding Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market: Putting the Pressure on Fossil Fuels

As the world continues to shift its resources and focus toward producing clean energy, hydrogen fuel cell technologies have grown exponentially and have started making their way toward commercialization. Companies and governments around the world are taking action to promote green energy in a growing effort to minimize their carbon footprint.


Stephen Covek Joins Haskel Sales Team

Haskel is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Covek as Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Steve resides near Chicago and will be covering the Midwest U.S. sales territory for Haskel/BuTech, bringing to the table an extensive knowledge of the Midwest market.


Haskel Unites with HP Plus to Grow Brand Recognition for Markets of Defense, Aerospace & Mining

The expansion of Haskel's distributor network continues with the appointment of High Pressure Plus as the newest member of the distribution team. High Pressure Plus Australia Pty Ltd, also known as HP Plus, brings over three decades of high pressure gas and fluid power experience. That experience, combined with consistent delivery on customer requirements, makes them an ideal partner for Haskel and our equipment distribution.


Quality & Customer Service: How Strategic Changes Ensure Reliability in High-Pressure Equipment Manufacturing

In a year of challenges, the levels of quality and customer service a company provides have become increasingly important. At Haskel, the Quality departments in the Haskel European headquarters in Sunderland, England and the Haskel US headquarters in Burbank, California have taken on the challenge of integrating new technologies and processes to more further their alignment with customers' needs in changing work environments.


Haskel Showcases Capabilities at 13th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo

In booth E60-52, Haskel's Japan-based distributor will exhibit their high-pressure equipment, air-driven and hydraulic gas boosters, and compressors during the 2017 FC Expo in Tokyo.


Meet Our New Global Hydrogen Systems Group – The Team Dedicated to Hydrogen Innovation

As the hydrogen market continues to grow, Haskel continues to develop technology advancements and further its expertise in hydrogen. The development of the Haskel Global Hydrogen Systems Group is one of the key ways we are ensuring the needs of customers are being met in this evolving market. Learn more about this team of professionals who are dedicated to advancing the hydrogen market and increasing customer success.


Rebuilding the High-Pressure Network in an Important Region: How a New Approach Encouraged Exponential Growth and Improved Customer Service

In just eight months, Haskel has taken their high-pressure equipment presence in Australia and New Zealand from dull to dominating. Customers in this region struggled with differing sales and service experiences in recent years. Haskel Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand, Paul Peverley, was tasked with reshaping the brand's presence in this region with a new approach.


Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: High pressure Nitrogen Gas Transfer and Pressurization for Safe Emergency Shut down

For one international oil spill response cooperative, high quality, reliable equipment is essential to their operations. Haskel proudly provides this organization with the superior nitrogen charging equipment it needs to charge up the deployed subsea accumulators needed to provide subsea power in record time to allow intervention to take place.


How Does a Hydrogen Refuelling Station Work?

In simple terms, an HRS is a station to refill hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be refuelled quickly at a refuelling station – just like a petrol or diesel vehicle. However, its backend operations are entirely different, and these are supported by several key components that are critical for the safe and effective functioning of a refuelling station.


Haskel Taking Orders for New H-Drive Gas Booster at Hannover Messe

Following a rigorous development program to guarantee the highest degree of quality and reliability, the company is excited to offer the hydraulic-driven gas booster, H-Drive, to the market.


Improving Oxygen Gas Booster Safety: Haskel Introduces Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services Using its ISO 7/ US 10,000 Level Clean Rooms

Haskel’s commitment to safety has made us a leader in many industries and oxygen cleaning for our gas boosters and systems has been an important part of this commitment for more than four decades. Now Haskel is making Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services available to clients who understand and recognize the importance of oxygen hygiene and want to be proactive about the safety of their oxygen gas equipment.


Visit Haskel at OTC 2015, May 4 – 7, Booth 2765

Visit Haskel at OTC booth #2765 to learn about the unique high pressure solutions we offer the offshore industry.


Supporting the Small Satellite Launch Sector: How High-Pressure Products Play a Role

The small satellite launch industry is swiftly growing and Europe’s involvement is no exception. Haskel has had the opportunity to work with PLD Space in order to support the company's goals.


Hydrogen Compression, Transfer & Storage Solution at Hydrogen Fuel Cells North America

Haskel will feature its Hydrogen handling product and expertise, including the new H-Drive Hydraulic Driven Gas Booster, at this international meeting point of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell community in the USA.


Maintaining hydrogen gas purity for hydrogen refuelling

The quality of hydrogen fuel, used to power hydrogen cars, trucks, buses and other fuel cell vehicles, is critical for proper operations of the fuel cells. Contaminants originating in the hydrogen supply can damage fuel cells, therefore it is critical that purity is effectively managed during the hydrogen refuelling processes to reduce the risk.


A Quiet Change in Compression Technology has Arrived

When it comes to workplace noise levels, how loud is too loud? Ear-damaging workplace noise is a widespread problem that impacts employees in many lines of work. Safety is at the heart of what we do and given the potential dangers workers experience every day, Haskel engineers designed our newest gas compression system to operate at unmatched low noise levels


Haskel Joins Hydrogen Mobility Australia to Continue Advancements in Hydrogen Technology

Continuing to pursue advancements in hydrogen technology, Haskel proudly announces the acceptance of its application to the Hydrogen Mobility Australia. By joining a diverse set of organizations, Haskel will contribute to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure.


BuTech Medium Pressure Valves Achieve ABS Certification

BuTech medium pressure valves and fittings have achieved Product Design Assessment (PDA) certification through the American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) Type Approval program. This approval is good for tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 categories.


Distributor Feature: Using High-Pressure Expertise to Build Whole-System Solutions

As a small, family-owned business, FLW takes pride in knowing the product lines they sell inside and out by keeping in-depth product knowledge experts on staff to ensure customers receive the best service. Last year, FLW was Haskel’s largest distributor in the Western United States, building on the expertise they have been providing to customers for years.We caught up with FLW president Andrew Peek and Ray Schnell, former Haskel team member and current FLW Product Specialist, to learn more about the distributor partnership.


Total Cost of Ownership Projections: FCEVs will beat out BEVs

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. Governments around the globe are making important investments to create the infrastructure needed for hydrogen mobility, but fuel cell electric vehicles must make stand-alone financial sense for consumers and municipalities.


Haskel to Feature Offshore Oil and Gas Technology at Egypt's Premiere Petroleum Exhibition

Haskel International, a market leader in high-pressure equipment manufacturing and solutions, is sharing its offshore oil and gas expertise at the 2018 Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) exhibition in Cairo, Egypt, Feb. 12-14, 2018.


Three Major Signs that May Change the Future of Hydrogen Mobility in the U.S.

As the global hydrogen economy makes significant progress, investing in the innovation and infrastructure needed to make fuel cell vehicles a powerful tool in achieving emissions targets, where is the U.S.?


The different types of hydrogen refueling infrastructure available to local authorities – and how they can benefit all local stakeholders

Our previous blog post examined hydrogen buses as a means of decarbonising transport fleets and the related refueling considerations local authorities need to bear in mind. In it, we provided an overview of established and nascent bus deployments in Europe. We looked at the funding available to local authorities and their supply partners intending to use hydrogen to decarbonise their fleets, and the kind of refueling infrastructure with which those organisations could begin their decarbonisation journey.


Expanding the Reach of Haskel's High-Pressure Expertise: Spectrum Hydraulics Joins the Distributor Network

Haskel is excited to partner with Spectrum Hydraulics, another leading distributor in Australia that will bring high-pressure equipment to customers in the Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia regions. Through Haskel's new distributor model, Spectrum Hydraulics is the company's newest Master Distributor in a broad network of experts.


How hydrogen can help HGVs to call time on fossil fuel dependence

Hydrogen offers a simple and effective way to make emissions-free travel a reality for HGVs, and it’s encouraging to see governments, local authorities, manufacturers and infrastructure suppliers around the world starting to get behind hydrogen as a sustainable fuel for the logistics and freight industry.


Haskel to Develop Clean Energy Technology as Part of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

Haskel is pleased to announce its participation in the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. FCH JU is a unique public-private partnership supporting research and development of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Its aim is to accelerate time-to-market of technologies that have the potential to create a carbon-lean energy system and contribute to economic growth.


Celebrating 75 Years: Haskel’s Legacy of High-Pressure Solutions and Advancements

Haskel is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary! Our products and solutions showcase a legacy of significant developments in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurization technology—technology that helped shape major advancements in air power, rocketry, vehicle, submarine, aircraft, and shipbuilding industries. Even now, Haskel’s hydrogen refuelling solutions are at the forefront of the energy industry, helping to build a clean, alternative hydrogen mobility infrastructure on a global scale. From aerospace, defense, and manufacturing to renewable energy and hydrogen fuelling, Haskel’s high-pressure fluid power expertise not only advances leading industries but makes a better world.


Integrating Supply Chains in High-Pressure Hydrogen Systems for Market Advancements

Our Global Hydrogen Systems Group has been involved in 33 hydrogen refueling installations and collectively have extensive experience in the hydrogen market. In this blog they discuss common challenges in the hydrogen market and the ways companies are working to meet the demand for cost-effective fuel cell EV charging stations.


Developing a low-carbon fuels strategy for the transport industry

Earlier this year, the UK Department for Transport issued a call for ideas for its low-carbon fuels strategy. The rallying cry invited feedback from stakeholders regarding the priorities that need to be considered in order to establish a long-term strategy, including areas to be addressed, approaches to be taken, and ideas relating to procedure and practice.


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Meet the Team: Steve Yager, Senior Production Supervisor

Working in a variety of industries prior to joining Haskel, Steve Yager brings his breadth of experience to the team as he takes on the role of Production Manager. We sat down with Steve to learn how his roles in other types of industries prepared him to lead a major department at Haskel.


Haskel On the Move: New Life for Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Haskel successfully relocated and safely recommissioned the station in Grand Dole, becoming the first hydrogen fuel distribution station in the region.


Haskel Exhibits at OTC 2017

Attendees from Across the Globe Gathered in Houston for Annual Event’s 49th Edition to make critical decisions, share ideas, and develop business partnerships to meet global energy demands, and Haskel was there, just as it has been for over 25-years.