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Upgraded Seals Extend Product Service Life and Reduce Waste and Downtime

Haskel products are being designed with upgraded seal materials. The more durable, longer lasting air-drive seals extend service life and maintenance intervals of its products. The extended-life seals, originally an optional upgrade, now come as an across-the-board standard on all Haskel pumps, gas boosters and air amplifiers.

Haskel equipment is regularly used in demanding applications and part of complex, high-pressure systems for manufacturing, testing, research, and specialized high-pressure applications. Regular product maintenance is important to ensure product performance. Equipment operating under demanding conditions requires maintenance on a more regular basis. More durable seals, mean longer intervals between maintenance and reduced downtime.

“Reduced downtime is a key benefit of the upgraded seals. These seals help realize considerable cost savings from reduced downtime—as much as 25% on average”, according to Stephen Learney, Global Product Line Manager.

Another benefit is reduced waste from leakage, which helps keep the environment cleaner. Changing seals every four months instead of every three reduces waste and the need to properly dispose of it, saving customers on cleanup costs, as well as the environment.

The use of extended-life seals reflects a commitment to ongoing investment in technologies that improve quality and performance, translating into reduced downtime and cost savings for Haskel customers.