Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: Providing Safe and Streamlined Gas Charging Systems for Leading Helicopter Test Equipment Manufacturer

Haskel is a long-term supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of mobile test equipment for the aviation industry. As part of this partnership, Haskel is proud to provide high pressure nitrogen charging systems which are used for ground support for Apache and other helicopters.

Designed to be lightweight, robust, reliable and easy to control, Haskel gas charging units provide a fast, efficient and economical method of charging high pressure gas vessels and pressure containing components common on aircraft. Typical components include aircraft tires, landing gear struts, and helicopter pop float inflation gas storage cylinders.

Helicopter Pop Float nitrogen charging

Haskel is well known as a manufacturer of high pressure gas boosters, pumps and system components. However, they also have the design and manufacturing capability to produce custom gas control and distribution panels, which was ideal for this client. Incorporating a gas booster with pressure indicators, flow control valves and gas regulators, all assembled and tested within a small limited space was the right solution for the client. The end product provides a wide range of outlet pressures, from 100 psi to 4500 psi, from nitrogen supply cylinders depleting from 2,500 psi down to 100 psi.

helicopter pop float2 nitrogen charging

Like many of Haskel’s customers, the longevity of this relationship continues to be based on the shared values of safety, quality and innovation.

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