Q-Drive Sales & Marketing Toolkit

Individual assets to generate customer interest in Q Drive.

Marketing Brochures & Flyers

To provide customers with more information, the 4-page brochure gives a general overview of Q-Drive's capabilities, its user interface, and a comparison of other compression technologies.


Product Launch Overview

Featuring product launch timelines, value propositions, and sales techniques, this product introduction gives you a full overview of Q-Drive and how to position it with your customers.


Product & Social Media Images

A variety of images are available to use for Q-Drive promotion. We have renderings of the booster, as well as social media-ready images that announce the product's availability.

Download − Product Images:

Download − Social Media Images: 

Product Video

The promotional video can be shared from Haskel's YouTube or the link below can be embedded on your website. You can also share this link with prospects.


Q-Drive Ads

The ads below can be utilized for various publication placements. Additional ads will be available as we launch the CO2 and hydrogen models.

Ads below are standard sizes, if other sizes are needed please request desired size. 


Q-Drive Logo

You will see the Q-Drive logo appear on the pump itself, but it can also be used to increase awareness.


Tech Brochure & Reports

Use the Q-Drive tech brochure (spec sheet) and the performance reports to learn more specifics about the product and what each model offers.


Individual assets to generate customer interest in Q Drive.

To help you introduce our newest product, Q-Drive, the assets below are available for your marketing and sales use. These tools will help you align your tactics with Haskel's branding and product launch campaigns. You can download the individual assets or download the entire collection. 

Modification of materials is prohibited.

Compression Comparison White Paper

Use the Q-Drive white paper and accompanying chart to compare high-pressure gas and liquid compression equipment to determine the best fit for your application.


Q-Drive Case Study

The Q-Drive Beta Test Case Study offers performance results for the Q-Drive operating in severe industrial environments.


Q-Drive Webinar

The webinar and Q&A can be shared from Haskel’s YouTube at the link below and can be embedded on your website, or shared with prospects.


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