Achieving Availability and Reliability in High-Pressure Solutions through Proactive Customer Service

In 2015, Haskel Europe began an 8-month endeavor to overhaul its customer reporting system. The goal: ensuring customer satisfaction in both availability and reliability. Success in these areas depends on offering lead times when products are ordered and performing against those lead times when it is time to deliver.

Transparency is at the heart of this reporting system. Any potential threats to production or delivery are communicated to distributors and high volume customers in a weekly delivery status report. This open communication helps Haskel and its customers address business priorities up front. Haskel has even hosted a supplier forum, sharing the Haskel Customer Satisfaction process with its suppliers as a means of further developing the proactive transparency necessary to exceed customer expectations. This has certainly led to greater communication at all points in the production and delivery process. 

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Another key factor in this program is the Haskel customer service team. Deborah Hogg, Commercial Lead at Haskel Europe, is particularly influential. Deborah is an expert in her role and keeps the supply chain moving at all times. As the singular point of contact for many of these customers, she is solely focused on meeting their production needs and deadlines.

The dedication that Deborah and the Haskel team have brought to achieving exceptional customer service is paying off. On Haskel’s annual customer satisfaction survey, customers overwhelmingly indicated a high level of satisfaction with Haskel’s customer service. In addition, the following was said about Haskel:

"We did not have any problems with your reliability or adherence to lead time."
"I always get easy solutions from Haskel."
"We are selling your equipment confidently!"

Haskel continuously improves upon its commitment to quality in both products and service. The new proactive customer service model allows the entire organization to make improvements and provides customers with a richer experience, helping Haskel maintain their status as a leading supplier of high-pressure solutions.

To learn more about this new proactive service or about Haskel in general, find a representative near you.

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