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The pivotal role of aviation infrastructure in achieving jet zero: a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities


Gas Transfer & Pressurization: Advancing Safety Innovations in the Aerospace Industry


British hydrogen refuelling technology exported to Australia, providing New South Wales its first commercial station

Armored Vehicles

The Secret Behind Armored Vehicle Suspension, Braking, and Recoil Mechanisms

Militaries around the world make use of compressed gasses as a method of controlling forces, such as those endured by vehicle suspension or braking systems, and weapon recoil mechanisms.

Meet the team this Autumn

Meet the Haskel team online and in person this autumn to find out how our hydrogen refuelling stations are accelerating the adoption of hydrogen for mobility applications globally

With a number of key international events coming up in September and October, the Haskel team are gearing up to discuss our range of hydrogen refuelling solutions, including Nano and Geno, our modular hydrogen filling stations, and the hydrogen compression technology, our H-Drive gas booster, that supports them.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems Collaborates With Total on the Successful Completion of Its Hydrogen Refuelling Station in the Netherlands

Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), is pleased to announce the successful development, installation and deployment of new hydrogen refuelling equipment for the public hydrogen station of Total Nederland N.V., located in the Dutch city of Arnhem.

Meet the Haskel Team

Meet the Team – Kathleen Elward, Aftermarket Manager

Though 2020 was full of challenges, it also presented many opportunities for industrial manufacturers. Kathleen Elward, Haskel’s Aftermarket Manager, saw her team presented with a number of these opportunities and is working to take advantage of the shifting practices within post-purchase service. We spoke with Kathleen to learn more about the adjustments in store for Haskel&rsquo...

Product testing

Putting Our Products to the Test: How Haskel Ensures the Highest Quality in High-Pressure

Great engineering and superior quality have allowed Haskel to continually supply the most reliable pumps in the market. We sat down with Haskel’s Process Engineering Technician Lead Danny Parra and Process Engineering Technician Gary Ramirez to find out what products they are testing, and how the results are affecting the future of Haskel’s supply chain.


Three Years After the Thai Cave Rescue Operation: A Reminder of Why Quality and Reliability are the Backbone of High-Pressure Equipment

It has been over three years since the dramatic rescue of the young soccer players from the cave in Thailand. National Geographic recently released a film about the story that includes never-before- seen footage from cameras that the Thai Navy Seals used. We are still so proud that Haskel equipment was involved in the rescue and the story underscores the importance of quality and...

boosting Innovation

Innovation for the Innovators: How Haskel International Designed a Gas Booster for Commercial Space Flight

We recently caught up with former Haskel engineer and space engineer, John McNeil to talk about the strides Haskel has made in commercial space flight equipment. McNeil, who was part of the Haskel H-Drive design team, shares his insights from what makes the company such a key player in those applications.